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Why is JAMB Portal Showing Only Last Year's Details?

Since the beginning of the admission activities for this year, a few admission seekers had been facing the problem of seeing their old JAMB details instead of the new year's ones on their JAMB portals.

This set of students used the same JAMB profiles they used in recent years for the current admission too. And of course, nothing was wrong with that, as being convinced in my post, "Using Last Year JAMB Profile/Code: Right or Wrong?)".

However, to their surprise, log in to their JAMB portals, this year, they're still being greeted with last year's information.

In other words, they met the same profiles they used last year instead of this year's profiles.

Why this?

Is there going to be a problem with candidates who used the same profiles used last year for this year?

Well, the good news is that you don't have any problems and you don't need to panic. In this post, I will open your eyes to what's happening and why you should calm down for now. 

Let's ride on.

There are two possibilities if you're seeing last year's information while trying to check this information on the JAMB portal. 

  1. You could be checking when JAMB has not fully integrated the two profiles together for the current year's admissions.
  2. You're checking for the current year profile the wrong way

1. If JAMB Has Not Fully Activated Its Portal For This Year's Admission

Although a few schools might have been offering admissions or just bringing their post UTME/screening forms out for sales, the board might have not fully activated its portal for this year's admission activities.

Especially for the candidates that used the same profiles used last year for this year's admission, the reason why you're seeing the last information could be due to the fact that the board has not fully integrated the two years on your portal.

The integration processes may take a while. Waiting a few days or weeks should be normal. In all situations, two profiles will be fully blended by the system before your schools of choice will start to be giving admissions.

So, patience!

2. If You're Checking This Year's Profile Wrongly

Even when (or if) the board has fully integrated the last year's JAMB portal with this year, for candidates using the same profiles, if you're checking last year's profile, you will not be seeing this year's details.

In other words, you can still be following the processes used to check the profile last year instead of checking things rightly. 

For example, some candidates just log in to their profiles and expect to see this year's JAMB details directly. No! You have to change the year in the setting before you can see the present admission activities area.

If this is your own challenge, to change the year on your JAMB portal, in order to access this year's portal, follow the quick guide below.

  1. Log into your JAMB porfile
  2. On your dashboard, click on "Check Admission Status". 
  3. On the next page, if you meet last year as the default year, change it to the new year
  4. Enter your JAMB registration for this year's admission and click "Access My CAPS"
  5. This way, the system will take you to this year's CAPS instead of the old one
  6. To check your JAMB result or print your JAMB admission letter, just change the year too, to the current year, click on the right link on your dashboard, and process the payment. The system will automatically pay for this year's JAMB instead of the old one whether you paid for the same services last year or not.


In short, if you're still seeing last year's JAMB information instead of this year, use method 2 above to change things around. If the situation is still the same, it's probably because JAMB has not fully integrated this year's details into your JAMB portal. Here, you may need to wait a while before retrying.

I also advise you to be using the services of an experienced café or CBT center, if your phone is not displaying things rightly or you're doubting your device.

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  1. Good morning sir,my last year email has been automatically linked to this year jamb and its showing me last year details but I made a mistake during jamb registration with my local govt of origin, pls how am I going to change it or should I go for affidavit because it keeps printing out the wrong local govt while the correct local govt is on the profile

    1. You will change local government and state of origin at JAMB office only.

  2. Good morning sir, I did change of institution and course on Thursday and I am unable to know whether it has reflected on my Caps and again I tried inserting my registration number for 2022 jamb since the last year and this year jamb I used the same email. Now the problem is that the school post utme form I'm applying is closing next week should I buy the form or not because I don't know whether the change of course and institution have reflected on my Caps

  3. Evening sir I link my email jamb with the last year own nd am this year candidate pls help me

  4. I used the same email as last year for jamb. It's showing last year's details, the problem is when I change it to 2022 in the caps, I won't be able to type in my registration number.