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If I Don't Accept Admission on CAPS, Will JAMB Remove it?

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For one reason or the other, some candidates might have decided not to accept admission on the JAMB CAPS.

A few candidates were offered courses different from the ones they applied for. As a result, they might not want to accept it on the JAMB CAPS. With this, they believed maybe they would be offered their intended courses sooner or later.

Some, not knowing that it's compulsory to accept admission offers from JAMB too, left it undone long before they were informed. Now, they're wondering if JAMB might have removed or revoked the admission offer.

This post will answer your question of whether JAMB will withdraw, remove or revoke the offer if left unaccepted for a period of time. Let's ride on.

JAMB Won't Remove Your Admission Offer on the CAPS

From my experience, as an education consultant and a cafe manager for more than a decade, I've not seen a situation where a candidate offered admission through CAPS was deprived later, because he didn't accept the admission on time.

Except where the admission offer is rejected by the said candidates, JAMB usually will not revoke, withdraw or remove the offer given.

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JAMB Threatens to Revoke Admission If Not Accepted Within 2 Weeks

In the past, and probably to date, JAMB usually notifies candidates who haven't printed their JAMB admission letters that the offers would be withdrawn or revoked if they fail to accept them and print the JAMB admission letters.

If you've read this anywhere else, it's true JAMB usually states that but only to inform and hasten candidates who need to change to a new course offered.

In other words, you will only see that notice if you have been offered a different course than the original one you're chasing. Hence, in order to be able to print your admission letter, bearing the new course, JAMB will state that you should change to the new course, and accept it before you could be able to print your admission letter.

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Even to the candidates whose courses were changed, JAMB will only show that to encourage most reluctant candidates to hurry up in accepting their admissions and print the letters. But in reality, they never revoke the admission even if you don't accept or print the admission letter after these so-called 2 weeks.

In practice, JAMB will still allow a student who is spending her second year or final year in a university to accept the offer and print the JAMB admission letter. In order words, you can still accept your admission offer, on the JAMB CAPS, even 2, 3, or 4 years after the offer had been given. 

Therefore, you don't have to worry about the two-week warning. However, if you're truly aware that you've been offered admission on the CAPS, it'll be wise of you to accept it now and print your admission letters. You will need these printouts when you go to school for freshers' documentation.

If you're hearing that you're supposed to have accepted admission on the CAPS, very late and you're yet to print the admission letter too, you can still do it now. Just log in to your JAMB profile or link email to create a JAMB profile before doing that. Then, print the JAMB admission letter.

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  1. My school has given me admission but jamb caps hasn't what can I do cos I have limited time left

    1. It's just possible that your school is faster than JAMB. JAMB will also give you if you've all things right. Read the post below.


  2. I have been block from accepting my admissions on jamb caps, please what can I do now

    1. Blocked, how? Kindly send your complaint through


  3. I unloaded my Olevel result after my name appeared on the merit list my my jamb caps hasn't changed why

    1. If your result is showing on the JAMB CAPS by now, you should expect your name on the CAPS sooner or later too.

  4. Can jamb give you admission two time ,like if u don't accept the course they gave you cause you think they will still give you your course

    1. For that year, they may not give you admission again since that's what they think you're qualified for. But if you use the same profile for another year, they can still offer you admission with that if you merit it.

      Read the posts below for more clarification.



  5. I was given admission the year 2020/2021 but I didn’t see it I saw just it of recent this year 2022 can I still accept the admission
    Pls reply

    1. No. Admission activities for that year has long gone. Even if you accept it, it won't matter again.

    2. I was given admission in 2019, but uptill date I tried printing my jamb result but it wasn't coming. What can do? But have submitted my jamb result, WAEC result, indegine form, birth certificate and others to the school. What can do??

    3. Continue with your studies. If you will need a JAMB admission letter, your school will guide you on what to do probably the regularization. Read the more about this through the post below.


  6. I want to change my course in jamb portal because my school change my course and jamb also said I shld change the course to the one given.... that's what I've been trying to do all this while but my jamb registration number is displaying invalid ....pls what can I do?

  7. Please am having problems with my email
    I submitted a wrong mail 2 jamb
    And now I can't access my caps
    N I hv been offered admission
    N I can't accept it

    1. Follow the steps in the post below



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