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JAMB CAPS Shows 10/11 Subjects Instead of 9: Solutions!

A few candidates had reported cases of O'level results uploaded to the JAMB portal showing 10 instead of 9.

We all know that all exam bodies only allow a maximum of nine subjects. Hence, there's no way someone can sit for ten subjects.

So, why is JAMB CAPS showing 10 subjects instead of 9?

I will answer this question and related concerns below.

The Ten Subjects Showing On the JAMB Portal is a Technical Issue

If you find 10/11 SSCE subjects on your JAMB CAPS, it's a technical itch from the JAMB database.

JAMB is aware of this issue and its technical teams are working on it.

However, in the meantime, there is nothing a candidate, JAMB office, or CBT center can do to remove this extra 1 subject added to the list.

The 10/11 Subjects on JAMB CAPS Error Could Be Candidate's Fault

My finding had shown that candidates who are seeing more than the usual subjects on their portal are to be blamed but not entirely their fault.

In most cases, it's because these candidates had uploaded one result before and they later applied to change it or replace the first upload.

For instance, a candidate uploaded WAEC results during the JAMB registration. But when their NECO results came out, the grades were better. Hence, they chose to replace the ones on the CAPS. Some decided to make use of two sittings instead. As a result, added the deficient subjects/grades to the existing ones.

Unfortunately, because the JAMB portal was having technical issues, instead of the database to replace or remove the old result entirely and replace it with the newly uploaded, it left one of the old subjects and added the whole 9 subjects from the new results - making it 10/11.

This is why, in most cases, the excessive or extra subjects left from the old results were not carrying any grade or might just show AR.

Should You Worry About the 10/11 Subjects Showing on the JAMB Portal

In case you're worried about the 10/11 subjects showing or the extra subject, I have good news for you. Don't worry, you're safe.

As already said, JAMB was aware of this itch and they wouldn't count the tenth subject as anything. No value would be given to that. Only the 9 subjects with their corresponding grades will be recon with.

Similarly, if the tenth subject is showing AR or any grade, ignore it as you won't need 10/11 subjects for your admission in the first place. Also, don't mind it if you're seeing strange subjects you never sat for as long as your required subjects are intact.

And in fact, JAMB doesn't need 9 subjects to offer you admission. Both the board and your proposed school only require five relevant subjects to offer you admission.

I'd even defended that is a post where I showed the proof of a candidate who only uploaded 5 required subjects on the JAMB CAPS was offered admission. This is because JAMB won't give value to any subject you don't need for your admission.

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  1. Can I upload 8 subjects on my jamb portal

    1. Yes. In fact, all you need to upload compulsorily are the five required subjects for your proposed course.


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