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Can't See Accept Button Under Transfer Approval? Solution!

You see, the first thing you should do if you're transferred to another course is to accept it (if you want the new course). You can, after accepting, go to the CBT center to change to the new course and wait for the final admission.

Some candidates had possibly received SMS that they'd been transferred to new courses. Some were called by a "link", within the school, that they'd been transferred. However, logging into the JAMB CAPS, they could not see the ACCEPT button to click in order to accept the offer.

In other words, they followed the steps to the transfer approval link, click on that, and saw that they'd been transferred to new courses. They saw the new courses but could not see the ACCEPT button which will confirm they're truly INTERESTED in the new courses.

Meanwhile, this step is very important. Without doing that (clicking the Accept button), even if you change to the new course, you may not be offered admission in the end.

I shared a related case of a candidate who was transferred but didn't click the acceptance button and was later not offered admission.

So, why are you not seeing the Accept button? What can you do to see it?

Two Methods To Make Your Device Show the "ACCEPT" Button of the Transfer Approval

I'm recommending two methods to be able to see the transfer approval Accept button in this post.

Let's ride on! 

1. Use a Computer to Check

My assumption is that about 85% of admission seekers will be following their admission updates using their mobile phones. And if transferred, you'll be logging into your JAMB CAPS using the same device.

However, if you can't see the accept button of the transfer approval, you'd better use a laptop or desktop computer to log in to your CAPS.

A phone will make your transfer approval page look like this - hiding a few details

Apparently, using a desktop or laptop computer will adapt your webpage to be wide enough to show everything hiding, in case you've been trying with a mobile phone.

Using a computer will show your transfer approval page like this, in full.

In other words, nothing is wrong with your CAPS for not seeing the Accept button. It's the nature of mobile devices to show things in mobile view, except if changed in the settings (more on this in the next section).

So, using a laptop, or desktop won't hide anything. You're going to see all the details as shown above if you use bigger-screen devices.

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2. Change Your Browser's Settings On a Mobile Phone

If you're not seeing the accept button using any phone, first make sure you're using the Chrome browser. This browser is perfect for this from my experience. If you don't have it on your phone, you can download it from the Play Store or Apple Store.

Now, use the browser to log in to JAMB CAPS and navigate to transfer approval. At this point, click on the three vertical dots on your browser that look like the picture below.

After that, a few setting's information will open up. Click on Desktop view or Desktop site. Doing that will change your view from mobile to desktop.

If you're logged out, at this point, log in again and follow the same processes. 

By now, you should be able to see the full details of your transfer approval (just as shown on the desktop/laptop computer too) which will include the new course together with the Accept and Reject buttons.

There you are, you can accept by clicking the Accept button now

Best of luck!

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