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JAMB: Where Rescheduled Candidates Will Write Exam

Candidates who miss JAMB exams due to technical or acceptable reasons are likely to be rescheduled at JAMB offices in their respective states, with the possibility of merging candidates from nearby states to one location, rather than at the JAMB headquarters in Abuja.

When you miss JAMB due to technical or acceptable reasons, the board promises to reschedule you for the exam. Some receive an SMS to that effect, while others receive email messages. Some only find out if rescheduled by rechecking their exam slip online to see if the new date has been reflected.

While the exams are still ongoing, some candidates will be recalled or rescheduled, while others will not be called until JAMB is finally over. This last set of students will have to await a date even after others have seen their results. 
Their concern is now where they will write the exam. Will it be at the same CBT center they were earlier scheduled for, the JAMB office in Abuja, or a special center around them?

The answer to that question will be given in this post.

Candidates Rescheduled Later Will Most Likely Use JAMB Offices in Their States

Past experience has shown that JAMB usually arranges the new schedule with the JAMB offices in the states of the exam. For example, if your earlier exam town is in Lagos, you're likely to be rescheduled for the exam at the JAMB office in Ikoyi, Lagos State. Similarly, a candidate in Osun will likely be rescheduled to the JAMB office in Osogbo.

Candidates under these categories are principally those:

  1. who were verified at their centres but could not sit the examination
  2. who could not be biometrically verified, and 
  3. with mismatched data,
  4. who sat the examination but had challenges without being aware of such, would not see their results but would instead see their notification for rescheduled examination.

In short, JAMB offices are usually situated in the capital of each state across the nation. Hence, when rescheduled, candidates are posted to this branch in their states of the exam.

JAMB May Merge States To Nearest Branch

Depending on the number of affected students per state, JAMB may have to reschedule candidates from two or three nearby states to write the exam in one of the states. For instance, the board may merge Osun and Oyo candidates to write the exam in Oyo.

JAMB reschedule for the the 2023 UTME was on May 6, 2023.

Though in the early years of JAMB using the CBT, the board rescheduled candidates to retake their exam at the board's headquarters office in Abuja. This is not likely to happen again as the board keeps improving its arrangement and activities.

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