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Starting/Closing Date for UTME to DE Conversion

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Once you're qualified, you can opt for UTME to DE conversion. But when will that be? In case, you miss you don't want to miss the train, you'll also want to know when the closing date will be.

So, to give you the answer, you will need to read to the end of this post. The first part will be guiding on the starting date of UTME to DE conversion while the second part will be clarifying concerns about the closing date.

JAMB Doesn't Have Calander For The Starting Date for UTME to DE Conversion Exercise

Of course, the primary thing is that you can't change your UTME to DE before JAMB is written. You can't do that even before the results are out. So, when do you expect the form to be opened for the conversion?

UTME to DE conversion portal is expected to be launched or made active after all UTME candidates must have written their papers, results released and all have seen their scores. 

Not only that, the JAMB original results must have been loaded by the board so that all intending conversion candidates can print that for the purpose of their application since writing and having the result of JAMB is one of the requirements for the upgrading of UTME to DE.

However, experience has shown that even if you're in a hurry to convert your JAMB to DE, the board is not in any way in a hurry. They their time before starting to attend to their intending applicants.

Since the upgrading can only be done at JAMB offices nationwide, for now, these offices won't be in a hurry to open for UTME to DE conversion. 

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I've observed, for many years now, that JAMB will not open the portal for the UTME to DE upgrade until about two months after the release of the JAMB results and resolutions of other matters arising.

For example, for the year 2023, JAMB released its result by May 2nd but did not open the portal for the UTME to DE conversion until Jul 31.

In fact, if you ask JAMB the very question, "When will the conversion of JAMB to DE will start?", the answer will be as long as "We've not opened the portal for that"

In other words, they don't have a specific calendar for the opening of the exercise. They open when they deem it fit to start. With the with the reply in the interaction above, even with the "check back next week", it's still unclear the date or if it'd start indeed.

With this, it will be futile to be looking for the specific date when the portal for UTME to DE conversion be active for you. You should just be on the lookout for updates from the board. They won't keep it to themselves when it's finally out.

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JAMB Never Closes The UTME to DE Conversion Portal Unless Admission Year Ends

Yes, you heard that right. JAMB will leave the portal to upgrade UTME to DE open as long as the admission year remains open. 

Just as activities such as change of institution/courses that won't close for all schools at the same time, UTME to DE remain active over the year and won't close for all universities at the same time.

For example, if your proposed DE university's form won't close until October, conversion to that school will not close until that that as well. And if your intending university post-UTME/DE or screening form has closed even before the portal for the conversion was opened, you won't be able to convert to it if you make sure an attempt.

In short, it's all about the school and its form being on sale or not yet out. With that, be rest assured, you can convert to it any time. 

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We can with the evidence in this post conclude that there is no specific starting date for the conversion of UTME to DE as no assigned calendar for schedule for activities yearly.

If you're worried about the deadline to do the conversion, you're safe as long as your intending school is yet to sell, still selling or the form hasn't closed. The conversion only closes for schools whose forms have closed.

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