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Predegree Admission: 10 Things To Know (2020/2021)


Are you hearing about a pre-degree course for the first time? Or you know what it is but want to know more? Do you just need a quick answer to a question bothering you on a Pre-degree course? Then, here are 10 things you must know about the pre-degree admissions to the universities in Nigeria.

1. What is the Pre-degree Programme?

First, let’s look at what the Pre-degree programme is all about.

A predegree programme is a one-year course administered by a university to prepare candidates seeking admission into 100 level of any of her courses.

The course is run for two semesters usually not lasting beyond 6 to 9 months of academic work.

2. What are the requirements to obtain the form?

Generally speaking, you need at least 5 or 6 credit passes (depending on your proposed course) in your O’level results (in not more than two sittings) The O'level results can be WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, NBAIS. Where you don't have the complete results nut offered the preliminary admission, you'll be required to provide that before you can be offered admission to 100 level.

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In other words, some of these schools allow awaiting results provided you’ll be able to have your complete required result on or before 100 level admission.

You should check for such details (conditions) on your proposed school’s pre-degree form adverts for further clarification.

3. Are all Nigerian universities running Predegree programmes?


But very many of them run the course. These include Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State University, Adekunle Ajasin University to mention but a few.

See other Predegree, Remedial and Pre-ND: List of Universities/Polytechnics Selling Forms

Yet, we have some; including the University of Ibadan that are not involved (at least not yet) in running the programme.

Meanwhile, some universities don’t call it pre-degree, rather they call it, remedial e.g University of Ilorin, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, etc.

Please visit the school's website to check if your interested school is running the course.

4. How much is the Predegree form?

No national or general price for the form. You will need to check for such price on the advert page of each institution. However, many universities sell at a price less than N15,000.00 or thereabout.

5. When will the pre-degree forms be out?

Usually, most universities start selling forms before and during the sales of the JAMB UTME form. This is because admitted candidates must equally obtain the year UTME form.

Since, JAMB starts sales of form around November yearly, expect sales of form around June - November.

6. When is usually the closing date for the form?

There is no general closing date by universities selling it. You will have to read the closing date in the advert of your proposed university.

Hence, I advise checking their websites to see for yourself.

7. Will I be Offered admission after completing my pre-degree?

Yes, if you pass the course.

Schools want you to pass their tests and final exams before you can be offered 100 level admission. They also want you to pass JAMB UTME. By this, you must have at least the JAMB national cut off mark or the cut-off mark declared by your school for her predegree or remedial candidates.

Only on these conditions, you will be offered admission to 100 level.

8. How much is the pre-degree programme fee?

No general or conventional tuition for the course. Your university reserves the right to set the tuition and change it anytime.

But you should be preparing between #100,000 to #200,000 for your tuition depending on the university.

9. Do polytechnics and colleges of education run the programme?


But they don't call it pre-degree rather, it's preliminary (prelim, Pre-ND or Pre-NCE).

Generally, the pre-ND or -NCE is conducted the same as the university's predegree.

This is well explained in the post, "Predegree Course: Understand Admission into PDS, PD or Remedial Programmes"

10. Do I need to Write UTME or Post UTME with Predegree?

Generally, all schools makes buying UTME form and partaking in the JAMB UTME compulsory. Some universities don't require their pre-degree students to participate in the post UTME.

Some schools require the two for their students e.g Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, University of Ilorin, Adekunle Ajasin University etc.

You should find out the modalities being used by your proposed institution.

No bypass for JAMB UTME unless you consider A'level programmes like IJMB, JUPEB, NABTEB Advanced, Cambridge Advance etc.

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  1. As of 2019/2020 admission,does oau and unilorin conduct postutme fo r their predegree candidate?
    Also apart from this institution which other one can I consider for predegree program??

    1. Yes, they both conduct post UTME for their predegree candidates. Check a link in the post that takes you to where I listed other schools running predegree - this include AAUA, LAUTECH, FUTA etc

  2. Please how many questions are set in futa pre degree entrance exam and what is the duration of the exam? (urgent)

    1. I don't have first-hand information regards.

      Other readers may help

  3. Is it a must that I have to do the post utme of the school I wish to do there pre degree program

  4. As a science student. What subjects will I do in the PDS

    1. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and English

  5. Good evening sir, is odd form still on

  6. Doe's U I offer pre-degree for science students

    1. No. UI doesn't run pre-degree programme. Not yet!

  7. is pre degree a scam or real

  8. Please sir, between prescience,ijmb and jupeb which of them is more reliable in getting admission?

    1. These links below will take you to posts showing you the deference and help you make the right decisions.

    2. Pls sir after predegree is it compulsory to rewrite jamb before getting admission to 100level??

    3. Obliviously, you didn't read the post. Read the post again. the answer to your question is there.

  9. Please do they study criminal law in pre degree program in ui

  10. Is pre degree compulsory for OAU

    1. No it's not. You can gain admission without passing through predegree.

  11. Pls I passed jamb and 4got about post utme in ust and its closed.pls what can I do to still enter university in ust

    1. If you're a school's predegree student, talk to your admission officer or the predgree contact person for next moves. If you're just a UTME applicant, wait to see if there will extension of the sales of the form. If they don't extend it, consider the JAMB change of institution to another school whose form is yet to be out on still in progress.

  12. Please I scored 172 in jamb can I do pre degree in uniport

    1. You don't need JAMB score to apply for predegree. You only need your O'level results. However, before you can be offered 100 level admission, you must sit for JAMB UTME and score the required mark as will be announced by your university.

  13. Pls sir, I wrote jamb and my weac result is good, is it compulsory to write pre-degree in uniuyo.

    1. It's not compulsory to do predegree of any school. You can gain admission though JAMBUTME only.

  14. Please sir,I want to study medicine and surgery in uniform but my jamb score is low
    Then can I apply for pre degree in OAU
    I mean can I be able to do pre degree since am a medical students

    1. You can do OAU predegree and target Medicine with that. Note that you will still write next JAMB and get the required UTME score in order to secure 100 level admission.

  15. Is futminna pre degree form still on sales and also futminna is my second choice can I still apply

    1. Closed as at the time of this reply. Kindly follow updates on the school portal for the new form or subscribe to this blog.


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