Can I Write Post-UTME of Two Different Schools? -

Can I Write Post-UTME of Two Different Schools?

In JAMB UTME, you're free to choose four institutions. If you're a DE applicant, you have a maximum of two universities.

After JAMB, comes the post-UTME/DE. Then, you have the concern of whether you should write post-UTME of two of the institutions you choose or if post-DE, of the two universities, chosen.

In other words, is permitted to obtain two post-UTMEs and process admission to the two schools? If yes, won't they affect each other? If No, can the two institutions offer you admission at the same time?

These and related questions will be answered in the rest of this post.

A JAMB UTME Applicant Can Write Post-UTMEs of Two Schools

You're allowed to obtain the post-UTME/screening forms of two of your four choices in UTME. In fact, if you can afford it, you're permitted to obtain the forms of all four institutions and attend their post-UTME/screening.

The latter is not common, most admission seekers will really want to try obtaining the post-UTME/screening forms of two universities (usually their first and second choices) or forms of one university and one polytechnic.

If you're considering this, go ahead and try your luck with two of your choices!

A JAMB DE Applicant Can Also Write Post-DE of Two Universities

DE candidates have two choices, as earlier noted. The two are universities. In some cases, these applicants will consider their first-choice universities at the same time as their second-choice universities

For example, the University of Nigeria (UNN) may be considered both the first and second choice.

Some applicants, however, will consider two different universities for each position. If you fall into the second category, you're allowed to write the post-DE (or partake in the online/physical screening) of your first-choice and second-choice university.

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Even Though Most Schools Are Not Offering Admission To Second Choice Candidates

You see, the fact that you're allowed to write the post-UTME or post-DE (screening) of two schools doesn't mean you can e offered admission by both two.

In fact, most (if not all) schools are not offering admission to their second-choice aspirants. In fact, some would be so plain to you that you shouldn't obtain their post-UTME/DE unless you chose them as your first choice in JAMB UTME or DE.

And where a school is silent or invites second-choice candidates, if you'll be offered admission eventually, you'll be lured into changing it to your first-choice first or later.

The reason for this is that JAMB is monitoring all schools' admission and the board will not allow double admission for any candidate using UTME/DE to gain admission. Hence, the board only allows a school that a candidate chose as the first choice to offer him/her admission.

These universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, colleges of Nursing and Health that are using JAMB are aware of this. Hence, they will still ask candidates to change to them as their first choices before they can be offered admission.

The effect of which is waving "bye" to your first-choice institution. In other words, once the second institution moves to the first choice, you won't expect admission from the others.

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Writing Post-UTME/DE of Two Schools Is Not Necessary

Even though you can write it, to me, it's not too rational. 

JAMB allows you to change institutions if a school won't offer you admission or if you fail its post-UTME. You can use this option instead of writing for two schools at the same time.

In other words, focus on your first choice. If you fail its post-UTME or you have an update that its admission is not certain, look for a school with the form still on sale. Change to that as the first choice, then write its post-UTME or partake in its online/physical screening.

And if that fails or won't work, you're still allowed to change your schools up to three or more times, as long as you can afford to pay for the changes.

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Writing the post-UTME or post-DE of two schools/universities together is allowed. They don't affect each other in any way if any of them is accepting to be considered as the second choice in JAMB or inviting second choice candidates.

However, that approach is no better than writing the post-UTME/DE of one school first. Then, change to another school and write its post-UTME/DE, if the admission of the former won't be favorable.

Just be mindful of the fact that no school will offer you admission, especially through JAMB, if it's still your second choice.

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