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Subjects Show AR After Uploading Results to JAMB

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After uploading your results to the JAMB portal, you might still see all the results showing AR. In this case, instead of each of the subjects showing their corresponding grades, it's still showing the old AR. Why? What can you do?

A few students had reported that even though they had uploaded their results at CBT centres but checking the status on the CAPS, they met some subjects still showing ARs. In fact, some had got screenshots of the results being successfully uploaded such as in the picture below.

Yet, after logging into their portals to see if it had reflected, what they met was awaiting results still. To some candidates, it's all the results that show ARs. To some, one or two results is showing ARs while other subjects show the right grades.

The question now is why are the subjects still showing AR and what can you do to correct this. Do you have to reupload the result or what?

This will solve the problem. Read to the very end.

Clicking Refresh Botton Will Make Subjects with AR Shows the Right Grade

Provided that you have already uploaded your results with an accredited CBT centre or a connected cafe, you should automatically see all subjects uploaded showing the right grades displaying your NECO, WEAC or NABTEB results.

However, if all the subjects or some of are still showing ARs, then locate the Refresh button/link right below the page showing your results on the JAMB CAPS. Then, click that button.

It may take a few minutes to reload or refresh the page as this is usual. When the page correctly returns, it should show the subjects and the grades.

Sometimes, you may need to click the refresh button a few times before all the subjects together with their grades will show.

If after some clicks the page remains the same, kindly wait about 12 hours or more before we can conclude.

If after that break, it remains the same, it may be that the upload was not down by the CBT centre or it was not successfully done.

Therefore, you may get back to the CBT centre to complain and if you want to avoid the CBT centre, you can use the service of another centre.

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