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Why Only 3 Subjects Show on JAMB Profile/CAPS

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After logging into your JAMB CAPS, you may see 3 subjects instead of the 4 you wrote during the UTME CBT.

Why is your CAPS showing these three subjects only? Is this issue peculiar to you or it's a general concern to all admission seekers? And will it affect your admission?

In this post, I will be detailing why your JAMB CAPS is showing three subjects instead.

Note that the Subject (Not Showing) is English?

Of course, all JAMB candidates wrote four subjects during the UTME just as picked while filling out the form and for their corresponding proposed courses. However, when the CAPS shows three out of four subjects, it's observed that the only subject not showing is the Use of English.

Is that correct?

I can't be wrong! 

Hence, if you're a science student seeking Nursing Science admission, instead of seeing English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, what you had on your CAPS is the last three.

JAMB CAPS admission status showing three UTME subjects

And if you're a Law admission seeker, you end up seeing Government, Literature-in-English, and CRS.

If another subject is missing apart from English, this post is not for you. Your case is unusual. But if what you're missing is English, the good news is that this is what happens to all admission seekers not only you.

But why?

English is Generally Required for All Courses, Hence It's a Default Subject

Even if you study Igbo, Hausa, or Yoruba in any higher institution, English is a default subject in JAMB. Meaning that all JAMB candidates will write English whether they want it or not.

So, it's a default subject for all.

As a result, it doesn't make any importance if your JAMB CAPS shows it or not. JAMB and schools know that all candidates must write it. Hence, what is more, important is the other three related subjects. 

This is why in the JAMB brochure, the board will not even list English while stating the subjects to be written any course. They've presumed, that all candidates should know the subject compulsory for all!

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JAMB Intentionally Omits English in CAPS

Thinking if your CAPS is having an issue with not showing English? No, nothing is wrong with your CAPS. JAMB designs its system not to include English on the CAPS. 

Hence, it should only show you the rest of your subjects instead.


With the three UTME subjects showing on your JAMB profile/CAPS, you don't have to worry. This is because JAMB intentionally, by default, makes the system show the three other (must be relevant) subjects written by candidates since the Use of English is compulsory across the board for all admission seekers irrespective of the courses they're pursuing.

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