7 Guaranteed Ways To Make Money With Blogs

You're likely familiar with the idea that blogging can generate income. If you're reading this, you're probably interested in monetizing your writing as well, maybe even curious about my approach.

As you read this post, I'll be overseeing one of many blogs I manage. If the blog isn't in its infancy, you'll see various income-generating strategies already in motion.

Having earned a decent sum and consistently covered expenses through my blogs, I'm well-equipped to guide you on ways to make your blog financially rewarding too.

Here are seven more frequently used and most rewarding means to generate income with your blog. Some will come in handy at the early stage of your blogging adventure, while others may not be the best fit until years down the line.

1. Advertising Revenues

Like most bloggers, I make money through ads in two ways: Adsense, a popular choice, and direct ad placement.

Display ads from networks like Google AdSense on your blog, earning money based on clicks or impressions. 

With time and compelling content, businesses will also approach you for ad space at rates you set.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Writing about affiliate products and services is a lucrative avenue. You earn commissions for purchases through your affiliate links.

Promote products or services using affiliate links. You get a commission for each sale or action from your referral link. Earnings depend on the product price and the number of conversions.

Sponsored reviews are a form of affiliate marketing too. Get paid to review products, services, or experiences within your niche. Some offer upfront payments, while others propose a commission-based agreement.

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3. Sponsored Posts

As your quality content attracts readers, you can invite other bloggers or businesses to post on your blog, targeting your readers as potential customers.

In fact, as organic traffic grows, so does the influx of organic sponsored post offers. Brands pay you to create content promoting their offerings.

Guest posting fits here too. Use your blog as a portfolio to land paid gigs on other platforms.

4. Selling Digital Products

Create and sell e-booksonline coursestemplate printables, or other digital products relevant to your blog's theme.

Even in seemingly unconventional niches, creativity can lead to digital products. Experience shows that with some ingenuity, you can craft sellable products for any niche.

5. Subscription Models

Offering exclusive content to subscribers for a monthly fee is an advanced method to monetize your blog. While less common, it becomes viable as your blog matures.

This also extends to membership sites, a dedicated section with premium content accessible to subscribers for a fee.

6. Selling Physical Products

If your blog's niche aligns, sell relevant physical items, and align with your content.

Some bloggers start due to the physical products they have. Others explore this avenue as opportunities arise.

Branded merchandise like T-shirts or accessories falls in line here. You can even outsource products to sell in line with your niche.

7. Events and Workshops

Host webinars, workshops, or events related to your niche and charge participants.

The internet allows cost-effective webinars, while your blog could lead to offline events.

Such platforms can also help turn your blog content into e-books or print books for sale.

Final Remarks

In just a few words, success in blog monetization takes time. Focus on delivering value and authenticity to your readers while diversifying income streams.