How to Reprint JAMB Registration Slip (Practical Guide) -

How to Reprint JAMB Registration Slip (Practical Guide)

JAMB Registration Slip
Some schools may require you to upload the JAMB registration slip during the post-UTME/screening application, or during the fresher's documentation if eventually offered admission. Similarly, when seeking admission assistance, some lecturers may demand to see the JAMB registration slip, JAMB result slip, and O'level results, among other items. The seemingly reason for this is to ensure that you truly chose the school in JAMB or if you've changed to it.

A student who had lost his own copy, printed for him after the JAMB UTME registration, contacted me for help. He wanted guidance on how to reprint the JAMB registration slip. Another student who changed institutions/courses had lost the copy given to him after the changes. Whereas he needed that instead of the first one given after the JAMB registration back then.

So, how will you reprint your JAMB registration slip if you need it again? You'll get your answer in this post. Let's ride!

Reprint A Copy Sent to Your Email

Immediately after registering your JAMB UTME/DE, a copy of the printout has been attached and sent to your email. Yes, if you check your email inbox or spam for messages received on the very date you registered for JAMB, you should find a message containing an attachment of the JAMB registration slip. Open that email, download the attachment, and print.

However, this may not be available to you if you didn't link an email with your JAMB portal during your registration. I mean, during the JAMB registration, not all applicants used emails. If you didn't use email on that day or you used a wrong email, you won't be able to see such a message.

This is because the JAMB system was designed to send that attachment to your email if you linked an email during registration. So, without the email or with a wrong one, you might be surprised if you can't find such emails.

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You Can Still Create an Email, Link, and Get the Message

If you didn't use an email during the JAMB registration or it was not linked for you back then by the CBT center, it's not late. You can still create an email if you don't have one, take the email to any CBT center for linking to the JAMB portal.

The CBT centre doesn't have to be the one used initially for the JAMB registration; you can use any other. Immediately after the linking, you'll receive the same message containing your JAMB registration slip. Download the slip and print.

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Use The Service of a CBT Center to Get the Slip

If you have not linked or linked a wrong email, you can still walk up to any CBT centre for a reprint of the slip. Any CBT centre has access to your JAMB portal through the backdoor. They are permitted to log in to your JAMB portal and reprint the JAMB slip for you.

As earlier noted, it will be a waste of your time going back to the CBT center you used for the JAMB registration for a reprint or anything related. You can check with any approved CBT center around you to get this slip reprinted.

For Those Who Changed Institutions/Courses

If you decide to change institutions or courses, please note that the information on your JAMB slip will also change accordingly. Consequently, the old JAMB registration slip is no longer valid. Instead, you will need to present the new slip, which contains the latest changes.

JAMB has implemented a system in which, upon making changes, a copy of the updated JAMB registration slip will be automatically sent to the candidate's email (the one used during JAMB registration or later linked to the JAMB portal). Therefore, it is essential to check your email for this new copy and proceed to print it. Ensure that you check emails received on the corresponding date when the changes were made.


Reprinting your JAMB registration slip is a critical step for various academic processes. Whether for post-UTME applications, fresher's documentation, or admission assistance, having this document is essential. Utilizing the email attachment sent after registration is convenient if an email was linked during the process. 

For those without an email link, creating one and connecting it at a CBT center allows for retrieval. Alternatively, any CBT center can provide a reprint service, even for those with unlinked or incorrectly linked emails. Understanding these options ensures accessibility to the JAMB registration slip when needed.

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