No JAMB Reg. Number After Regularization Approval? -

No JAMB Reg. Number After Regularization Approval?

Request JAMB Reg. No. After Regularization
A few regularization students had been facing a problem after JAMB approved their applications.

The main problem was that, under normal circumstances, their JAMB registration numbers were supposed to be sent along with the approval emails.

Here is what I mean.

If you apply for JAMB regularization, the board will approve it, after the indemnity form has been signed, stamped, and sent to the nearest JAMB office. 

Then, in no distant time, an email, congratulating you on the approval (except rejected) will be sent to the email used for the application. This message is supposed to contain the JAMB registration number you'll be using e.g. to print the JAMB admission letter, for the purpose of NYSC, etc.

After all, the JAMB registration number is the sole reason you applied for the regularization.

If however, after you'd received the email, you couldn't see the number within the content of the email, how would you go about things?

This is what this post will guide you about. I will be taking you through the same procedures I followed for a few candidates who were not sent their JAMB registration numbers within the regularization approval emails sent to them.

Contact the JAMB's Support Centre To Send You The Number

One quick way to get the JAMB registration number if not sent to you through email is by getting back to the board.

However, you can't just send them an email or reply to their approval message. You will need to follow the following procedures to contact them and request the registration number.

Visit the JAMB Support Ticket link or click

On the page, under "Candidate/General Support Ticket", click "General Support Ticket".

There will be a prompt to choose whether you have a JAMB registration number or not. Here, click "No".

Here is the prompt

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After this, a form will open. Fill in your email, full name, phone number, and other information. Make sure you enter the exact email, name, and phone number used for the JAMB regularization application.

Under "Nature of Complaint", choose "Late Application"

Under, "Select a Topic", choose "Late Application (No. Reg. Number)"

For the subject write "JAMB Registration Number Request After Regularization Approval"

Under the message, write the following short letter.

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Dear Sir,

My JAMB regularization has been approved.

However, the approval message did not contain the JAMB registration number.

Kindly help to provide it.

Under the "Attachment", you can screenshot your approval message and attach it to this form. And you may leave that untouched.

Click "Send" to get your complaint across.

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After Requesting Your JAMB Registration Number, What Next?

Almost immediately after sending this message, if you've entered a correct and functioning phone number, an SMS, from JAMB, will enter your phone.

A message like this will appear, on the page, after you click send

Then, you should receive an SMS.

This message will confirm the receipt of your complaint. This means that your message was successfully sent and received at the other end.

This is the type of SMS that will enter your phone

Take note of a link in the SMS sent to you. If you click on this link, immediately you get the message, if you're connected to the internet, it will show the status of your complaint - displaying the exact words in your letter with the status "You Sent".

Within 48 hours (usually working days), JAMB will reply to your complaint.

To know if your ticket has been attended to, click on the link in the SMS again. Below your sent message, a support team message will appear - giving you the JAMB registration number.

See such interaction in this picture.


If you do things as correctly, as detailed above, you should be able to bail yourself out of this mess within days.

However, if after this, there is a reason the board didn't send the registration number, they will state it in their reply.

And if they don't reply within five working days, you may need to visit the nearest JAMB office to lodge the complaint physically. They'll address it!

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