Can I Be Offered Last Year Admission This Year? -
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Can I Be Offered Last Year Admission This Year?

You Can Gain Admission for the Last Year This Year
You might want to find an answer to this question if you recently heard some candidates were being offered admission for last year's admission.

It’s possible you’re confused if you or a family got an SMS or email message congratulating you or him on admission for last year while the new year JAMB has just been sold or it's still being sold.

Your confusion may grow if you’re aware that your targeted institutions and other schools had stopped admitting students since last year. Yet, you hear some are still releasing new admission lists.

Hence, you want to know if it’s still possible to be offered admission in January, February, March, or April this year if the admission deadline announced by JAMB was December last year.

You’re not the only one in this dilemma. Several others are too!

A Case Study of Students Being Offered Admissions After JAMB Admission Closing Date

Just recently, a student was sent a congratulatory message by the Federal Polytechnic Ede. Her parents insisted that it was a fake admission because the admission year has already ended (as announced by JAMB).

I was unable to convince the parents that the admission was not fake. They had to go to school to find out. Until what I told them was exactly the same as they got there, they could not give my explanation a second thought.

JAMB has earlier announced the closing date for last year's admission, why would they still be offering admission this year – even when another JAMB form is on, written, or result released?

This post will take you by the hands and show you what is what. You will see situations where you can gain admission for the recent year in the current year. You will also see where it’s probably impossible to gain admission for the last admission right now.

You Can Gain Admission for the Last Year This Year

Of course, admission varies by programmes. There are full-time admissions, part-time admissions, pre-degree, and special admissions.

There is no nationally declared date for the date admission into part-time, distance-learning, etc. must end. Schools decide their dates and can extend them at will. Only the full-time programme (administered by JAMB) can be attached to an officially announced date to end admission for the year.

Speaking of the full-time admission closing date, this will allow the board and institutions to shift attention from the previous admission seekers to the aspirants for the current year.

And because of the introduction of the JAMB CAPS, the matriculation board will want to conclude the activities for the last year to meet with the admission calendar set for this year.

Below is a full explanation of why you can still gain admission from last year, right now.

JAMB Admission Deadline Is Mostly Extended

As already mentioned, JAMB might have announced the final day for the last admission. This is just the norm. The body will send notice of closure of admission dates to all institutions and publish it in newspapers. Yet, this date may vary between public-owned institutions and private ones.

Though it’s rare to find any official announcement for the extension of the admission closing date by the board, we had watched for years - seeing schools offering full-time admissions even after the announced closing date.

In this case, it’s safe to say that JAMB still allows those schools to offer admissions beyond the closing date. This is clear because institutions and JAMB jointly monitor admissions on CAPS. And if JAMB doesn’t allow an extension, candidates won’t be offered admission on the CAPS in the first place.

Hence, you can be offered admission for the last year's admission this very year – and through JAMB CAPS.

Instances of Candidates Receiving Last Admission Offers This Year

There are cases of candidates who will be offered admission for the previous year in the current year. Let’s consider the instances below:

1. A school may be slow to offer admission

Though last year ends in December. Yet, the JAMB admission closing date may extend into the new year. For instance, the date announced to end the 2019 admission was December 17. However, you would still be offered admission beyond that date especially if the delay was because the school was slow with her calendar.

In fact, Obafemi Awolowo University (for the 2019 admission) still offered admission by February 25, 2020. And it's through JAMB CAPS. You see?

2. Candidates are usually transferred from courses to the others

If you don’t meet up the requirements for your proposed course, your school may be late to transfer you from that course to another. If interested, candidates will accept the new course, do JAMB change of course, and wait for the schools to offer them admissions on the JAMB CAPS. This period may be long and extended beyond the announced admission year deadline.

3. Candidates Offered Admissions Through Marketplace

Just lately, JAMB is accepting invitations on behalf of applicants from the schools they didn’t choose or consider in UTME/DE. There is a link in the individual candidate’s profile to watch out for such invitations. It’s called “Marketplace”. 

If another school wishes to offer you admission, you can find it there and accept it if interested. This process of being offered admission by other schools may be beyond the deadline announced by JAMB.

4. Some Schools Offer Part-Time Admissions to their Full-Time Applicants

It’s not uncommon to see some institutions offering daily or regular part-time admissions to their full-time aspirants. You may get such offers after the year admission deadline announced by JAMB. 

I explained this in detail in my post, “Universities and Polytechnics that Give Automatic Admissions”.

5. Some Schools Give Special Admissions to Aspirants

We have got some schools that will offer you admission into their affiliate campuses if they can’t admit you for the courses within the main campus. This admission may not be given to you until days after the deadline announced by JAMB. 

For example, the Federal polytechnic Ede usually offers her aspirants admission into her daily and regular part-time programmes. Such candidates get admission notice usually after the polytechnic has completed her regular admissions.


It’s not uncommon to see candidates being offered full-time admission through JAMB CAPS in the early months of another admission year. Hence, if no institution has offered you space before the closing date of the admission year, you may be lucky in the following year while still using the last JAMB.

You may be offered admission if your school or the one you changed to is slow in the processes, through the transfer of admission or marketplace offer.

You may also be offered admission in another year if the programmes are on special terms such as Distance Learning, Affiliate Centres, and Daily Part-Time, etc.

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