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Monday, 23 March 2020

Universities/Polytechnics That Give Automatic Admissions if You Don’t Meet Cut-Off Marks

Universities that Consider Other Courses for Candidates who Didn’t Meet Up with their Cut-Off marks.
Some people call it “automatic admission”. Some simply call it admission without meeting up with departmental cut-off marks.

This is what I mean.

Do you know some universities will still give their candidates admissions even if they don’t meet up with departmental cut off marks declared?

There are a few schools that will draw cut off marks for their aspirants. These candidates might be left opened to nothingness if they consider other universities. But these sets of universities will still drop them to similar courses in case they fail to meet up with the drawn cut-off marks.

For example, a candidate seeking admission into Pharmacy has 68% in post UTME. But the university Pharmacy cut off mark is 75%. The university may then drop him to another course with a less cut-off mark such as pharmacology, Anatomy, Physiology etc.

These schools are not common really but we still have them around. Hence, this post is a product of my personal experience.

Let’s ride on.

Universities that Consider Other Courses for Candidates who Didn’t Meet Up with their Cut-Off marks.

1. Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)

The southwest university in the ancient city of Ile-Ife is well known for automatically giving admission to candidates who failed to meet up with or beat the cut off mark of their proposed departments.

The university will, without asking for a fresh application or candidates’ consent, give them other courses.

This doesn’t mean they’re generous to give you more competitive courses like Nursing or Pharmacy if you don’t meet up with Medicine and Surgery. Don’t expect such an offer if you don’t pass their post UTME in the first place.

I’ve seen candidates chasing pharmacy given Industrial Chemistry instead. I’ve seen candidates pursuing Linguistics given History and History education.

Candidates will then choose whether to accept these new courses or otherwise.

This offer is usually given to both the university’s pre-degree and non-predegree candidates.

2. University of Ibadan (UI)

We can’t call theirs automatic admission really.

After the post UTME, the university usually publicizes a new set of uncompetitive courses for candidates who passed their post UTME (scoring 50% above) but got lower scores than the departmental requirement.

Candidates can then apply for this change of course on the school portal for consideration. If lucky, the university gives them admissions.

Similar to this is how the university usually gives automatic admission to UTME candidates into their Distance Learning Centre (DLC) programmes. Candidates who are unlucky for the university admission through UTME and DE can then choose whether to accept DLC admission or not.

3. University of Lagos (UNILAG)

Similar to the University of Ibadan, UNILAG will announce a list of less competitive courses for their applicants who had a particular pass mark in UTME.

Candidates can take this chance to be offered admission into the university and other courses.

4. Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba (AAUA)

AAUA is one of the universities that will offer candidates who do not meet up with departmental cut off marks the opportunity to consider other courses not fully chosen by aspirants.

The university will announce a new set of courses after her post UTME results released and ask candidates to take advantage of that if they have a specific score range.

Similarly, the university usually admits candidates with certain mark range to consider her degree part-time admission if interested instead of waiting another year.

5. Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH)

The first polytechnic in Nigeria is very known for giving a kind of automatic admission. It’s not as automatic as you may be thinking.

The polytechnic will announce a list of courses or departments with vacancies after their post UTME screening results are released.

Candidates are to calculate their points and match that with the ones drawn by the polytechnic. If below the score, they’re enjoined to obtain a change of course form directly on the school portal.

After this, applicants are to be on the lookout for the next admission lists.


As already said, this collection of universities is made from personal experience. I hope to add more as I have more for you.

If a candidate should fail these universities post UTME woefully, he may not have any hope. But if you’re within a considerable range of scores, you have hope for admission as detailed here.

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