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Can I Register JAMB Mock Before/After UTME Registration?

Before now, to register for the JAMB mock, candidates would indicate interest at CBT centers, during the UTME, and at the very point of the registration, that he or she would like to take the JAMB mock. This interest will lead to the CBT center attendants collecting N1000 at that spot from the candidate.

In other words, generally, all UTME candidates will buy JAMB PINs for UTME. But if an applicant was interested in writing the mock, he or she would show interest and pay for it before the submission of the JAMB form or before leaving the CBT center.

Today, the story has changed!

From the 2023/2024 Admission Year, Mock Has Become Part of the PIN

Candidates, starting from the 2023/2024 JAMB, are required to show interest in taking the JAMB mock right from the time of buying, vending, or procuring the ePIN. The system gives prospective UTME candidates options to buy:

  1. UTME PIN without Mock and 
  2. UTME with Mock.

This may remain the method the board will continually use in the future UTME.

At the point of buying the PIN, candidates who are interested in mock pay N1000 higher than those who don't want to take mock.

So with Mock-Plus-PIN, you're automatically recognized as a candidate willing to take the preparatory test and who will be scheduled for it when the time comes. Candidates who buy UTME-only PINs will not be recognized for that, by the system, or be scheduled for it.

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Some Candidates Didn't Buy Mock-Plus PIN

Unfortunately, some candidates were not aware of this difference or the alternative. They only picked the UMTE-only PIN and registered. They later realized they could have bought the UTME-plus-Mock PIN.

The question now is, "Is not too late to buy the mock?" Can you just pay for the mock at the CBT center so they can also be scheduled for the mock? Is it allowed to go for mock and pay at the exam venue? Can you upgrade/convert the UTME-only PIN form to a UTME-plus-mock PIN?

These are a few related questions this post will be answering.

You Can Upgrade Your UTME-Only PIN to UTME-Plus Mock PIN If You've Not Registered

If you realized you ought to have bought the UTME-plus-Mock PIN before visiting a CBT center or before going for the registration, depending on the platform through which you procured the UTME PIN, you could still swap the PIN.

Yes, it's possible and working!

In the same way, you can swap a DE PIN for UTME and vice versa, so you can also swap a UTME-only PIN for a Plus-Mock PIN. In brief, to do that, contact the seller. Tell them your intention and ask them to swap for you. They will.

Follow the guide in the post, How to Swap UTME to DE or DE PIN to UTME.

Similarly, if you don't want to work on swapping or that won't work out, but you have some money to spend, you can still buy the UTME-Plus-Mock PIN even though you have one PIN generated earlier. In this case, you're letting go of the UTME-only PIN for the Plus-Mock PIN. Note that you can sell your former PIN to any candidate.

This, however, will only work if you've NOT used the first PIN to register. Once your registration is completed with one PIN, there is no way to generate a new PIN or use such to register afresh.

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You Can't Just Buy The Mock PIN and Add it To Your Already Completed UTME Registration

As a matter of fact, JAMB is NOT allowing candidates to pay separately for mock (as we had in the past). If after JAMB registration you decide to take the mock, it's already too late. This is because paying for mock separately is no longer allowed.

Unfortunately, without buying the Mock-plus PIN, you won't be scheduled for or take Mock. Sorry, forget it.

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You Don't Go For JAMB Mock Without Being Scheduled

You may be thinking - why not just go to any selected CBT center when others are scheduled for the mock and pay for it at the point of the exam? This is not allowed either.

One main requirement to appear at the exam hall for the mock is the mock exam slip. This will be printed only by those who had earlier paid and subsequently scheduled.

Hence, without that slip, you're not even expected to be at the exam hall without being arrested or chased off.


The 2023/2024 JAMB admission year brings a significant change in the way candidates register for the JAMB mock examination. Unlike in the past, where candidates could express their interest in the mock at various points during the registration process, the new system now integrates the mock into the initial PIN purchase. Candidates must decide whether they want to take the mock when obtaining their ePIN, paying an additional N1000 for this privilege.

It's important to note that once you've completed your JAMB registration with a UTME-only PIN, you cannot later add the mock option separately. However, if you realize your mistake before registering or procuring the ePIN, you can swap your UTME-only PIN for a UTME-Plus-Mock PIN by contacting the seller. Alternatively, if you wish to switch to the mock but already have a PIN, you can buy the UTME-Plus-Mock PIN separately and sell your former PIN to another candidate.

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