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7 Steps/Skills to Consider When Waiting For Admissions

While seeking admission to any university, polytechnic, college of education, Innovation Enterprise institution, etc., there will be a period between the time of your application and the time of the offer.

Using this period judiciously is the best take for any aspirant.

I was forced to consider writing this post when an aspirant of a school kept calling me asking when the Kwara State Polytechnic's admission list would be out. He seemed frustrated that things didn't happen at the time expected.

No matter how quick you want your proposed school to call you, you're not in charge. There are factors that may even force the management to postpone releasing the admission lists, this year, compared to the previous years.

So, while waiting, what are the opportunities you can consider engaging yourself with? Before the admission offer, what should you be doing to get yourself in shape for the work ahead?

This post will be answering your questions and expose you to the practical experiences of people before you - including me.

What to Do Before Admission is Given - Helping You to Prepare for School Life and After

Below is a list of opportunities to consider and steps to take while waiting for admission.

1. Read About the School and Monitor Admission Activities

Your proposed school's admission processes may involve writing an entrance test (post UTME) and attending an interview (physical screening). For example, schools of nursing and colleges of health technology may take the two into their admission requirements.

Which one has already been done? Test only or with the interview?

If you've done the test and now waiting for the interview, you may need to learn more about your school as most schools will test your knowledge of or interest in their school during their interviews.

However, if you've done both or you're not waiting for an interview after the test, reading, usually by checking various pieces on the school's website, will help you to familiarize yourself with the administration of the school, departments, mode of lectures and classes, sports and much more.

OAU ePortal

More importantly, as you wait for the final decision on your admission, you need to stay close to the school and admission portal. Your school's admission portal is one of the perfect platforms to stay connected and informed about your admission progress.

Regular visits to the news or bulletin of the portal will help you to miss nothing and give you real information. I'm sure you won't miss it when the list is finally out.

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2. Get All Your Documents Ready

Whether your school chooses the online screening/physical screening or the post UTME in its admission mode, you'll still be called for final freshers' documentation and screening on arrival, if offered admission.

This is why it's important to get all your credentials ready for this stage.

Following the admission offer, you will need documents which may include the JAMB admission letters, school admission letters, JAMB original results, local government identification, birth certificate, and others during the freshers' documentation exercise.

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3. Pay a Visit to the Campus

As strange as it sounds to you, schools won't mind if you pay a visit to the campus while you're still waiting for admission.

If you have a family or a friend already on campus, you may call or visit the person flex around the campus.

Apart from the psychological benefit of preparing your body and soul for the new environment, you will familiarize yourself with the activities happening before your arrival as a new student. This will give you insight into what and life to expect when you finally become a student.

In a typical higher institution, except where students' IDs are checked before entering, you can still be in class with others even though you're yet to be a student. Attending such lectures will boost your morale.

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4. Learn Applicable Vocations

Hair making/Barbing, Phone/laptop repairs, Graphic design, Cake/pastry making, and Shoemaking are a few of the immediate skills that come to mind when suggesting vocations you can learn before being offered admissions.

As you can see in this collection, your mates and others around you will need these services as soon as you become a student. 

If you're good at what you do, this can be one of the money-making avenues for you even while schooling full-time.

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5. Save For Stuffs

One obvious but usually neglected truth while seeking admission is to accept that the required money will be challenging. In fact, this is not all about money for tuition and handouts, your parents should be ready for more!

You will, as well, need cash for several never-told-my-parents spending e.g. photocopies, group assignments, orientation fees, etc.

You can save yourself some embarrassment if you can use your waiting time to save money for this petty spending. Parents who have just paid tuition, rent, food, and books will not want to hear new stories of "I need more money for freshers' orientation sir".

Of course, you may be asking where will you get the money to be saved as a school leaver. You're not right!

Don't spend all your pocket money. If you're being given regular allowances, try to reduce the spending and keep something. 

If you're like most other school leavers in this part of the world, you can make money from babysitting, tutoring, coaching, etc. 

Don't spend all your wages. Keep for stuff!

6. Learn to Blog

Just like barbing and hair making, you can learn blogging. However, learning to blog may be easier than the former.

Of course, you may necessarily need a master/tutor to be groomed for barbing, computer, and phone repairs, blogging can be learned from reading a few articles on the internet.

A screenshot from blogplusdollars.com

Creating a blog only takes a minute. The writing part of it is the real deal which you must have accustomed yourself to while growing up.

The waiting period for admission may be the right time to start exploring the blogging and content marketing world.

If it gets easier for you from here, you should be able to continue while on campus and after your graduation. 

If you know the potential of blogging, you'll want to start right now.

7. Have a Backup Plan

It may be bad news of some kind. Yet, it's true. Not all that you want will happen.

Even though you want to be on campus this year, you're not in charge. For one reason or the other, a school may not offer you admission. Then, you're left disappointed. See, Reasons You Might Not Gain Admission According to JAMB.

To avoid losing it all, you should consider some backup plans in advance. 

Learning some skills, as already listed, might be the right backup plan to some extent. However, the real backup plan should offer you admission other than the one you aim for.

If you don't mind, you can consider other means to gain admission in Nigeria if JAMB will not work in your favor.


This is a mixture of certain steps that will walk you towards admissions and those opportunities to consider while you're still waiting to be called for classes. Taking the right step, right now, may save you a lot of pain in the future. Learning something new may be the best decision for you as you may not have this kind of free period for the rest of your life in order to learn something new.

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