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Can Direct Entry Applicants Do Change of Institutions and Courses?

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Most admission seekers are aware that UTME candidates can do the change of institutions and courses. However, changing of institutions and courses by the Direct Entry applicants is still not yet ascertained.

However, DE candidates are not sure they can change institutions and courses too. Hence, they're asking if this is possible for them as well.

In case you're a DE applicant and you're considering changing the universities you'd earlier chosen, during the DE registration, this post would be answering whether that would be allowed and considered for admission.

Direct Entry Candidates Can Do JAMB Change of Institutions and Courses

As a direct entry applicant, you are, just like the UTME candidates, allowed to change your institutions and/or courses, in case of a change of mind.

During your DE registration, you made two choices of institutions. Even though some candidates chose the same university as both the first and second choice, there was still a chance to make a different choice.

When admission processes start, usually when universities commence the sales of their forms, you may decide to change your institutions and/or courses. This you can do any time before your school closes the admission (post-DE) form for that year.

DE Candidates Can Change Institutions and/or Courses Up to Three Times

Contrary to what you might have heard or read, every DE applicant, just like the UTME candidates, can do JAMB change of institutions and/or courses, for UTME as well as for DE applicants, up to three times.

The last option is the change of institutions/courses

In other words, if you change it once after your DE registration, you can change it the second time and the third time. These changes will be recorded as "one-time" per submission. 

You can change institutions and courses the first time, you can change institutions only, or you can change only the course and you can change both per submission. The choice is entirely yours as long as you're ready to make separate payments on each submission.

Changing Institution and/or Courses Doesn't Limit Your Admission Chance

Some DE candidates may be skeptical about changing institutions and/or courses, even though they're free to do that. 

It may occur to them that, if they change, the new universities may not offer them admissions.

As much as I wish to believe that, there is no record or official reference that a university will not offer you admission because you change to it. In fact, they don't care whether you chose them during the DE registration or you later changed to them.

What universities accepting Direct entry applicants are after are to

  1. receive your applications from JAMB that you chose them as a DE applicant, 
  2. confirm your participation in the post-DE registration and/or test (if any), 
  3. receive your transcripts for official perusal and 
  4. confirm your meeting grade requirement for the proposed course.

Where all the above conditions were met, it wouldn't matter whether you changed to the university or you chose it from the start.

In short, changing to a university as a DE or UTME candidate won't reduce your chance to be admitted if you're qualified for the course. So also, choosing a university from the start, won't help your admission if you don't meet the requirements for the course proposed.

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