Deadline for Accepting Admission On JAMB CAPS? -

Deadline for Accepting Admission On JAMB CAPS?

A guy got to know, late, that he had been offered admission on the JAMB CAPS. He immediately talked to me using my premium service.

In the end, I was able to set his mind at peace and clear a few misconceptions.

If you're in the same shoes, you may start smiling from here.

The guy wanted to know the deadline for accepting admission on the JAMB CAPS having realized that the school had long offered him which he wasn't aware.

Of course, he didn't even know how to log in to the JAMB e-facility and navigate to the CAPS section to be monitoring the admission progress.

The deed is done anyway. Is there a closing date for accepting admission? Is it already late for him to accept the offer? If accepted now, will the school still allow him to join other students who had earlier accepted and are probably already on campus?

No Deadline For Accepting Admission On the JAMB CAPS

As a matter of fact, as long as the school is still offering admission i.e. still releasing lists or done releasing but admitted students are still undergoing freshers' registration/documentation, you can still accept admission on the JAMB CAPS.

JAMB, officially, has not announced any date for candidates to accept their awaiting offer on the JAMB. So also, the schools generally don't have a stipulated date for the CAPS admission acceptance.

A school may only encourage you to accept the offer on CAPS within certain period so that you can print the JAMB admission letter, which will be asked for during documentation in school. Such instruction, if any, is not uncommon among schools.

As a result, if you get to know late that the CAPS is still waiting for your action, you don't have anything to worry about as you can, right now, accept it and proceed from there.

In fact, I've proved to you in my post, "If I Don't Accept Admission on CAPS, Will JAMB Remove it?", that even if you didn't accept CAPS offer for a long time, JAMB would not withdraw or revoke your offer.

With that said, you don't have to be worried that it's too late to accept an offer if you're just finding out now.

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Though Schools and JAMB Want You To Respond Promptly

One of the reasons you may want to hurry up in accepting the offer is to meet up with schools' freshers' registration, acceptance deadline, and documentation.

Yes, since, acceptance of offer on CAPS is one activity, the acceptance of the offer on the school portal is the second most important step.

However, schools will generally announce their acceptance fee payment deadline. With this, it's possible to accept the offer late on the CAPS but it may be too late if you delay acceptance on the school portal.

In order words, accepting the CAPS offer may remain in your JAMB portal for years - in fact, if you're in 200-level in school, you can still log in to your JAMB portal and carry out some activities including acceptance of admission on CAPS.

However, that will not work with school admission acceptance. You must accept school admission, on the school portal, pay the fee, and do freshers' registration before you're recognized as a bona fide student of that school.

With these immediate and time-limited activities, your school will not leave the acceptance, on the school portal, to be indefinite. You just have to meet up within the stipulated time.

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Acceptance on The JAMB CAPS Less Important Than Acceptance on The School Portal

If you've followed me through to this level, you must have deduced that even though you have to timely accept admission on both the JAMB CAPS and school portal, the former can still remain "waiting" (if you don't know) until you do while the former must be attended to within the time given.

I've seen students who did not accept CAPS offers until 2nd or 3rd year in school, Some didn't even know JAMB later offered them admission in the year of admission until they were processing mobilization for NYSC.

These sets of students, once offered admission by their schools, went on with other students' activities and lecturing until when the schools required the submission of the JAMB admission letters, which wouldn't be available unless you accept the CAPS offer.

With this experience, it means they accepted the school portal offer without accepting that of CAPS and they could still access it later while it never affected their school offers and studentship.


You can forfeit the school admission offer if you don't pay the acceptance fee as when due or stipulated. Since you're not paying the acceptance fee on the JAMB CAPS but on the school portal instead, not accepting the JAMB CAPS, won't forfeit admission if unattended within a certain period.

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  1. Good day, please i was offered admission on jamb caps but i didn't accept it cause i didn't know it was important and now i can't accept it on jamb caps cause it's blank. I tried to print it but it said "this candidate is not offered admission" please what should i do? Thank you in advance


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