Can I Upload Results For Last Year UTME/DE? -

Can I Upload Results For Last Year UTME/DE?

Some candidates are asking if they can upload their results to the JAMB portal for the last year's UTME and DE.

The situation is that they didn't upload their results to the JAMB portal as of last year when they wrote UTME or applied for Direct Entry. Now, they see the need to do that. Perhaps, they forgot back then or they were awaiting the results until now.

They're now curious to know if it's not too late to upload the results in another year when other candidates are already waiting for JAMB or if they've started obtaining the new year's UTME and DE.

In this post, I will be talking about the possibility of uploading results that were supposed to have been uploaded last year in another (this year).

You Can Upload Results for the Last JAMB UTME/DE this Year

As long as your proposed university, polytechnic, or college of education is still offering admissions, its form is still on sale, or the form is even yet to be out, you're free to upload your results to the JAMB portal this year.

In other words, JAMB allows candidates who fail to upload their results to the board's portal in the previous year to upload the result in the current year as long as their proposed institutions are yet to be selling, still selling or admission lists are still being released.

In short, if the affected school has not stopped the admissions for that admission year, as of now, you can still upload results to the JAMB portal.

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You Can't Upload Results to the JAMB Portal For a Closed Admission Year

For every admission year, there is a specific time JAMB will stop offering admissions. At the instructed dates, all schools must stop offering admissions as well.

Once that time range has elapsed and admission for the previous year ends, you can't upload results to the JAMB portal any longer.

The reason for this is not far-fetched. After all, the upload is meant for admission. And that has officially closed.

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If You Missed Upload For Your Admission Year

Let's say your school has offered you admission and you're now in the 100 or 200 level with the admission year ended - thereby unable to upload the results to the JAMB portal again, there is an issue.

In this case, you're more likely offered admission by the school but not by JAMB. This is because JAMB will not offer you admission unless your O'level or A'level results are uploaded to the JAMB portal.

If you're a victim who missed the deadline to upload for your year of admission, you will need JAMB regularization to resolve this issue.

This is because candidates who are only offered admissions by their schools, but for one reason or the other, were not offered by JAMB, would have to resolve the problem with the JAMB regularization.

It's through the JAMB regularization that you would be able to upload the results. And if done well and approved, JAMB will then offer you admission. After this, you should be able to print your JAMB admission letter.

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