Can I Upload Results to the JAMB Portal By Myself -

Can I Upload Results to the JAMB Portal By Myself

One of after-JAMB-result activities, for all admission seekers, be it through UTME or DE, is the uploading of results to the JAMB portal.

Of course, some CBT centres might have helped you to upload it, right on the day you put in for JAMB UTME/DE. However, you can't be sure unless you check it right on your JAMB portal.

Even if a CBT centre collected your O'level/A'level results on that day (or later) and uploaded them for you, you shouldn't be too sure of these people. Check it yourself to be sure. Very many students had lost admissions due to not uploading their results to the JAMB portal, at all or within the right time.

After checking, some students were disappointed that no results were uploaded. Some used awaiting results, truly and they're aware of it.

Now, you want to upload the result and you're considering doing that yourself.

To save time, you don't want to go back to a CBT centre or JAMB office, to upload. You may want to save money too. But the question is can you upload results to the JAMB portal all by yourself?

In this post, I will be straight with the answer to your question.

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Individual Admission Seekers Are Not Allowed To Upload Results to the JAMB Portal By Themselves

I'm sorry, but JAMB won't allow you, as an aspirant, to upload your result to the JAMB portal by yourself. This is not limited to candidates uploading their SSCE results, candidates who are seeking Direct Entry (DE) admission, who must upload both the SSCE and A'level results (e.g. NCE, ND, IJMB etc.) are also not permitted to do the uploading by themselves.

The reason the admission and matriculation board will not be allowing candidates to upload by themselves is to avoid the manipulation of the system. JAMB doesn't want you to lie about your subjects and grades.

Although errors still crop in from CBT centres, the board actually wants to avoid errors/mistakes that can be made by inexperienced candidates if allowed to do the uploading themselves.

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Only CBT Centres and JAMB Office Are Officially Approved to Upload Results

As you might have heard, the two approved centres to upload your results to the JAMB portal, are the accredited CBT centres and JAMB offices nationwide.

These centres will collect your WAEC, NECO, NABTEB or NBAIS  results (for UTME candidates) and together with IJMB, JUPEB, BSC, HND, ND, NCE or RN/RM (for DE candidates), scan and upload them to the JAMB portal.

So also, the subjects, grades and exam numbers will be filled in for the board's perusal.

However, I'm aware that some cafes, that have direct links with some accredited CBT centres, usually will collect your results and send them to their links, for upload.

This may save you time, money and stress but it will cost you more, for the upload, than at CBT centres and JAMB offices.

And a point of warning! If you must use a café to upload, be sure you trust the café you're using. Be sure you check the JAMB portal to see if their result is already showing on the portal. Some may not do your work and that will deny you admission, in the end!

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But I Can Log in to My JAMB Portal, Why Can't I Upload Myself?

Some students believe because they've linked their emails with the JAMB portal and are able to log into the JAMB portal and access CAPS, they should be able to upload their results themselves.

Sorry to disappoint you. The fact that you can access your CAPS ad and even navigate to the O'level section doesn't mean you'll be able to upload your results to the JAMB portal.

The purpose of being able to access CAPS and see the O'level results section is to give you a preview of the results that the CBT centre or JAMB office uploads for you. No link or button is made available for you to do the uploading yourself.

After uploading at a CBT centre or JAMB office (or if you use a café), you should go to that section to see if the results are showing. And if it's not showing, you can use the "Refresh" button on the same page to reload the results (if truly being delayed by the system after the upload).

Aside from the mere accessing and using the refresh button, there is nothing you can do, by yourself, on that section/page.

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To date, and more likely in the future, JAMB is not allowing candidates to upload results to the JAMB portal by themselves.

Uploading of results, to the JAMB portal, is restricted only to the CBT centres and JAMB offices to avoid manipulation of results and grades which may happen if aspirants are allowed to do the uploading themselves.

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