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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

List of Universities, Polytechnics or Colleges Accepting Awaiting Results

Universities, polytechnics and Colleges accept awaiting results
You’re on the right page if you want to know those universities, polytechnics or colleges of education that are accepting awaiting results. You will get the idea of how those schools are accepting it for their admissions. Some misconceptions about using awaiting result will equally be addressed.

I had recently covered a great deal of work on this. I recommend you read either of the posts below if you’re concerned.

If not, or you decide to come back to that, let’s look into this further and see how using it works for admissions into the universities, polytechnics, colleges of education or any other higher institutions.

All Higher Institutions Are Accepting Awaiting Results


All aspirants now seek admissions into any higher institution in Nigeria through JAMB. The exams and matriculation body allows all their UTME takers to use awaiting results during the JAMB registration. Though such a result must be provided, eventually, before they can be offered a space in a school.

JAMB Won’t Offer Awaiting Result Candidates Admission 

Let’s get this straight.

JAMB now administers admission for all schools. Hence, what matters to your university, polytechnic or college is to receive admission lists from JAMB. JAMB recommends you to those schools based on your performance in O’level results and UTME score. The schools add their own post UTME or screening scores to know if you must be admitted. If accepted by the school, JAMB offers you admission.

The process above is called JAMB CAPS. Read more on it here.

Therefore, JAMB won’t recommend you for admission to any school until you’re able to present your SSCE results. Hence, if you use awaiting results during UTME till the admission time, you won’t be offered admission unless your result is with JAMB.

So what do you do? How to give the result back to JAMB before the admission exercise?

JAMB Instructs All Awaiting results candidates to upload it

Even though JAMB (for all schools) accepts awaiting results, they won’t offer you admission based on this. You’re to return to the nearest CBT centre and upload it the JAMB platform as soon as the result is released and your required subjects/grades are met.

UNILAG warned their 2018 aspirants awaiting results
It’s after this that JAMB can recommend you for admission and be offered a space at your proposed institution. This is why most schools will warn you during post UTME or after the results are out to return to JAMB portal and upload your result. They know if you pass their post UTME but you O’level result is not with JAMB, you won’t be offered admission at the end.


All admission seekers should be aware that all universities, polytechnics and colleges of education in Nigeria are accepting awaiting result. They are not directly in charge of this – JAMB handles that. All candidates must, therefore, satisfy UTME score, Post UTME score (if any) and O’level results before any expectation of admissions.

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