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How Much Is Uploading Of Result To JAMB Portal?

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If you've previously submitted your O'level results to the JAMB portal during your UTME or DE registration, you might not need to re-upload them. To confirm the current status, you can verify whether your results are already on the JAMB portal.

In case your results are missing, or if you didn't upload them earlier – perhaps you didn't provide them at the CBT center, or you were awaiting results (AR) for exams like WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB – you'll need to upload these results now or later. This step is mandatory before you can be considered for admission.

Regarding the cost of uploading results to the JAMB portal, you might be uncertain. Are there fees for this process? Is there an online payment, or would a CBT center charge you?

These questions and more will be addressed in this post.

JAMB Doesn't Charge Candidates for Uploading Results to the JAMB Portal

Usually, for various services, JAMB tends to impose fees. For instance, you might need to directly pay about N1500 for your original JAMB result or N1000 for the JAMB admission letter. Given this, you might assume that JAMB will also levy a charge for uploading results to their portal.

However, the good news is that JAMB doesn't require candidates to make any payments for uploading results to the JAMB portal. Whether during the initial JAMB registration or if you later return to a CBT center to perform the upload, this process is generally free as far as JAMB's charges are concerned.

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CBT Centers/Cafes Might Charge You Around N500

However, since you cannot personally upload results to the JAMB portal, you'll need to use an accredited CBT center's services. These centers are authorized to charge N200 for the results' upload to the JAMB portal.

In practice, many of these centers tend to charge candidates between N200 to N500 to help with the result upload. This typically applies to individuals who return to CBT centers after their JAMB or O'level results have been released. If you upload your results during the JAMB registration, the process is entirely free – as the CBT center's fee is NOT separated from this.

When dealing with cafes, which are not permitted to upload results for candidates, they might charge you more than N500. Some cafes might offer to upload results on your behalf. The catch is that, at best, they will take your results and send them to CBT centers with whom they have connections for the upload.

As expected, these cafes will charge a fee for their intermediary service, in addition to the CBT center's charge. In total, the cost will likely be higher than if you visit a CBT center directly. Past experiences suggest that cafes might charge around N1000 or even more for uploading results to the JAMB portal.

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While you're at the CBT center for result uploads, keep in mind that you only need to pay for the CBT center's service, not for JAMB-related fees. For those utilizing cafes – although not recommended or official – expect to pay more compared to those directly using CBT centers.

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