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JAMB Portal Shows 5 O'level Subjects: Why? Solutions!

In a previous post, I mentioned this topic briefly. In that post, I discussed how having five results displayed on the JAMB portal could be acceptable under certain conditions.

However, a recent influx of inquiries from new students regarding this issue prompted me to create a dedicated post to address this matter comprehensively.

It's possible that you're reading this because your JAMB portal is indicating five subjects or fewer than the number you initially uploaded or actually wished to see.

Let's delve into this matter to provide clarity once and for all.

JAMB and Your Chosen School Require Only 5 Subjects for Admission

To secure admission, you need favorable responses from both institutions and JAMB. Whether JAMB extends an offer prior to the institution or the reverse, what truly matters is having the required five subjects for your intended course.

Both parties won't grant you a spot without these essential subjects.

It's worth noting that certain CBT (Computer-Based Test) centers recognize the significance of the subjects necessary for your chosen course. When you approach these centers to upload your results onto the JAMB portal, they may choose to upload only the five subjects that are directly relevant to your course, rather than all nine subjects you took in WAEC, NECO, GCE, or NABTEB.

Additionally, some students may have obtained grades like D7, E8, or F9, which might not hold much weight in their admission consideration. In such cases, a CBT center might omit these grades as they might not significantly impact the admission decision. This approach is further justified if the weak grades are in subjects not mandated for your intended course.

In essence, this explains why you're observing only five subjects on your JAMB portal instead of all subjects you took. However, the CBT center might not have communicated this detail during the uploading process.

Accept the 5 Relevant Subjects if They Align with Your Needs

The fact that a CBT center inputs five subjects doesn't guarantee its accuracy. It's advisable to consult the JAMB brochure or your school's portal to confirm the correctness and adequacy of the five subjects chosen for your intended courses.

If these sources validate the selection, you needn't be concerned about the remaining subjects missing from the JAMB portal. Admissions will be offered based on those five subjects, and you can rest assured.

However, if a crucial subject is absent—vital for your admission or relevant to your course—it's advisable to take action. Return to the CBT center or seek another one to update the missing subject, ensuring all subjects are accurately represented.

It's important to recognize that CBT centers don't possess all-encompassing knowledge; some degree of personal research is essential. Consulting the JAMB brochure or an admission eligibility checker can assist in identifying the most pertinent subjects for your chosen courses.

Certain courses have clear requirements. Fields like Nursing, Medicine, and Pharmacy, as well as other medical, clinical, life science, and engineering disciplines typically necessitate English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

For art and commercial courses, being thorough before accepting the required five subjects is recommended. In these cases, the brochure and your school's portal serve as valuable resources.

You Can Update Your Results More Than Once

If you're concerned about the ability to make updates, rest assured that students can revisit CBT centers to modify their uploaded O'level results. You can even choose a different CBT center for this purpose. They'll re-scan and re-upload your results, this time encompassing all subjects.

Moreover, don't panic if the number of subjects displayed after re-upload exceeds nine or ten, or if certain subjects appear multiple times. The count isn't significant. What truly matters is ensuring the five required subjects are correctly listed.


If you're content with the five subjects provided they're aligned with your intended course's requirements, you can leave them as is without apprehension. This won't influence your admission outcome. If you meet the criteria, admission will be granted.

However, if an essential subject is missing, don't hesitate to return to the CBT center for inclusion. And if you wish to include all subjects, you're free to do so; simply communicate your preference to the CBT center.

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