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Can I Upload Outstanding/Held/Awaiting Results on JAMB/School Portal?

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Writing to answer whether someone can just upload withheld results or outstanding results on the JAMB portal can be a bit funny. But I won’t deny it that I’d received a series of questions on this.

Recently, a candidate whose results were held by WAEC called to ask if it’s possible to go to CBT centre and upload the same printout. A few candidates called me to ask if they can just go to CBT centre or JAMB office to upload their awaiting results.

A guy said...

Can't I just go and list my subjects on the JAMB portal and write AWAITING their so they can know I'm waiting for WAEC result?

I was quick to answer him. Yet, I felt bad for him.

Apart from withheld, conditions that include outstanding and canceled results were witnessed. I discussed the differences in the held, outstanding, and canceled results here. There, you will also see what you can do about each and when to expect it to be released.

Uploading of O’level Results is About Grades

JAMB asks you to upload your WAEC, NECO, NABTEB or NBAIS results. That is not a joke. It’s a serious matter. They want to be sure you have the required O’level subjects and grades worth being offered admission.

Why do you think they will prefer you to upload HELD, outstanding, or awaiting results?

The simple truth is that it’s worthless to upload HELD or OUTSTANDING results. Hence, it's not allowed.

Upload Outstanding Results if the Subject(s) is (are) Not Relevant

For the WITHHELD results, WAEC and other exams body will not just release any of the results for a candidate, a group of candidates, or the whole centre. OUTSTANDING results usually affect a few subjects or one of all.

In this case, you can still upload outstanding results on one condition. Here is it.

If the subject outstood was not relevant for your admission. In other words, the subject affected is not related to the proposed course.

For example, a student whose Data Processing is outstood is saved if he is proposing Medicine. Once he has Maths, English, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics released and good, he never needs others. These are the five relevant subjects required for Medicine like literarily any other course. Then, other subjects are irrelevant here. See WAEC, NECO and NABTEB Compulsory Subjects for Secondary Students

If however, English or/and Physics is affected, you can’t upload that for admission since either or both are needed for your admission.

CBT Centres and Uploading of O’level Results

Of course, to upload your O’level results, you have to visit any of the nearest CBT centres or the JAMB office. They will fill, scan and upload the results for you. See How to Upload Results to JAMB Portal: O'level (SSCE), ND and NCE.

Do you think a CBT centre will upload a blank result for you? Do you think they will encourage you to upload HELD results?

Obviously, NO. It’s against the instructions given to them by JAMB.

And of course, in the options provided by JAMB, you won’t see HELD results choice, you can only see A, B, C, D, E, F and AR (Awaiting Results).

Can I Still Wait For WAEC, NECO or NABTEB Results?

With the explanation above, you may not be able to go forth but you may be on the lookout for your WAEC, NECO or any other results. Your new concern is whether NECO, GCE or NABTEB will meet up for this year admission.

You need to know this so you can upload that instead if it comes out the right time.

I have answered this question comprehensively in my post, “Will NECO Results Meet Up With This Year Admission?”. You can also check “Can I Use GCE Awaiting Result For This Year Admission?” if that is your own hope.

In brief, you may or may not wait. It all depends on the school admission policies or timing of the admission exercise.

Meanwhile, for the 2020/2021 admission exercise, very many institutions will be forced to wait for candidates to write their WAEC, NECO, and NABTEB and let the results be released before they can close their admission portals. And if they close their portals earlier than the release of these exam results, they will be forced by JAMB to reopen the portal for the uploading ONLY when the time comes.

In other words, if a school ends the post UTME without you uploading the results, don't panic. Such schools will later allow you to upload as soon as your O'level result is available. 

Uploading Results On The School Portals

During post UTME or admission screening registration, as earlier noted, candidates are required to upload their O’level results. And now that your fate is HELD or OUTSTANDING or AWAITING, can you just go ahead and fill that? After all, the school will understand that it will/may be released later!?

As a matter of fact, the same condition applies to JAMB and schools. You can’t upload that on the school portal. No difference.

Both the school and JAMB allow you to use awaiting results. If things eventually favour you, you should leave things to awaiting results while waiting for the exam's body to decide your final fate.

You can still upload the results on the JAMB portal as soon as you have your results released or you get another one. This will be possible because of the COVID-19 delay consideration. See the date this year's admission will end, according to JAMB.

We have also seen the cases of universities that reopen the upload of O’level results after candidates had done post UTME and registration for it was closed. For example, UNILORIN did this a few days after releasing their post UTME results when they noticed some of their candidates who did well in post UTME were still on awaiting results on their portal (2018 and 2019 admission year). UNIOSUN and a few other institutions did the same.

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