Can I Use Two Results for School of Nursing/Health?

When seeking admission for general or basic Nursing, you're likely to ask if two results will be accepted by the proposed schools or colleges of Nursing. The same is likely to occur to you if you're seeking admission into a college of health technology or any school of health information management.

Of course, schools of Nursing and colleges of health will have lots of things in common. Hence, it will be rational to attend to their possibility of accepting two sittings of SSCE or O'level while admitting aspirants.

If you ask this question, you might have learnt that universities that are offering Nursing are not accepting two sittings/results for the course. And in fact, that's true for most of them but not all as already discussed in my post "Institutions Accepting Two Results For Admissions".

However, universities offering Nursing/Nursing Science are different from schools of nursing or colleges of health. I detailed that in my post, "School of Nursing VS Nursing in University: Differences, Better One and List of Schools".

The part that may open your mind to the differences and in relationship to the topic at hand is that, universities offering Nursing and a few polytechnics offering nursing will need you to sit for JAMB UTME or obtain a Direct Entry form (if you're qualified for the universities). Whereas, schools of Nursing and colleges of Nursing mostly won't need JAMB UTME (except for a few awarding OND and HND as explained in the post linked above).

The question at hand now is will the schools of Nursing (that are offering general/basic nursing) and colleges of health/information management (that offering CHEW, JCHEW, Health Assistant, OND, HND etc) accept two results/sittings?

This post will answer your questions and a few related concerns.

Schools of Nursing Generally Accepts Two Sittings/Results

All colleges or schools of Nursing, without an exception, are obliged to accept two O'level/SSCE results for their admissions. Hence, candidates who wish to combine two SSCE results to seek admissions for the basic or post-basic nursing programme can do so with two results/sittings.

Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria has stated the following as the entrance certification requirements for schools of Nursing programmes.

Five (5) O’level credit passes in Mathematics English Language, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology at not more than two (2) sittings from any of the following: (i) West African Examination Council (WAEC), (ii) National Examination Council (NECO), (iii) National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB)

Checking all the adverts of the entrance forms by all these schools of Nursing, they all comply with this stand. As such, all schools/colleges of Nursing are accepting two sittings.

Colleges of Health Technology and Schools of Information Management Are Accepting Two Results/Sittings

All colleges of health technology are accepting two sittings/results for their admissions. Therefore, with two O'level/SSCEs, you can process admission into any college of health technology or school of information management.

Even though I don't have the official requirements by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), which is the body in charge of colleges of health, checking the adverts by a few colleges of health and schools of Information Management, there is uniformity in the admission requirements (especially for the 5 SSCE subjects which can be produced from two sittings/results).

Some Schools of Nursing and Colleges of Health May Prefer Combination of Related Exams Though

What may be challenging is that even though most colleges of Nursing and health technology may not state it, openly, in their adverts, that they will prefer the two results to come from the same or related exams, experience has shown that it works well using the same exams combination.

For instance, candidates will better present two May/June WAEC or one May/June WAEC plus another GCE WAEC. Where NECO will be used, it'd better be Two NECO June/July or one NECO June/July and another NECO GCE.

In fact, we have seen some schools of Nursing and colleges that insist candidates should combine one NECO with another WAEC (be it GCE or otherwise), yet stated that if you must combine NABTEB, it'd better be two NABTEBs. 

In other words, combining NECO and WAEC/GCE is still acceptable, mostly. However, hardly will they accept NEBTEB with WAEC or NECO. It has to be NABTEB one sitting or NABTEB two sittings.


I don't doubt it, with available official backing, that all schools of nursing and colleges of health will accept two sittings/results. However, candidates will be safe if they can combine the same type of exams or different ones from the same exam bodies.

Where schools of Nursing or colleges of health will not accept this combination, it should be made clear in the adverts. If otherwise, it may be safe to conclude that they won't mind any combination as long as the 5 required subjects are met.

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