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Will NECO Results Meet Up With This Year Admission?

Why YES – NECO Results Will Meet Up with Admission?
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You can get confused about whether NECO June/July will meet up with this year admission. This is because most applicants are aware that WAEC will do but they can't say so much about NECO.

Well, truth be told, the answer to that question is YES - it can. However, it may not. Let’s look at it closely.

I recently answered a similar question on whether WAEC GCE or NECO GCE result will be released by before schools start this year admission exercise. You can take a moment to see my answer.

In order to clarify my YES and NO position on this, read to end of this post.

Why YES – NECO Results Will Meet Up with Admission?

The answer is YES because, under normal circumstances, all schools must allow WAEC and NECO to release their results before they start or close their admission application. In fact, some will wait for the two results before selling the form at all.

Experience has shown that, 90% of our universities, polytechnics and colleges of education will not start selling their post UTMEs or admission screening forms until both NECO and WAEC results are released.

And where a school sells the form before the results are out, they let the sales to remain on sales/opened until those results are finally released. Some schools will give their applicants more grace to update their O’level results shortly after NECO results announced.

Only a few schools usually rush sales of their post UTME forms. These may include Kwara State University (KWASU), Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), Nigerian Police (NPA) and private universities, including BOWEN, Covenant University, Backcock etc. Most federal and state oened schools are under the obligation to allow both WAEC and NECO internal results to meet each year admission.

Why NO – NECO Results May Not Up With Admission

As stated above, if you’re chasing any of the above schools, private universities whose post UTME forms may be too early to come out and a few of military universities in Nigeria, it’s possible NECO result may not meet up.

More so, if you're proposing to use NECO GCE results for this year admission instead, you may eventually be about of luck.

When Will NECO Result Be Out?

Generally, all exams bodies are changing the system. You don't have to wait for three months before seeing your results again. They want their candidates to meet up with the yearly admission exercise. This is why results are being released within the first two months after the exams. Precisely, NECO results will be out 43 days after the last paper, while WAEC is now consistent with 45 days.

Hence, you can start counting your days from the last day you wore your school uniform.

If the 43 days will be favourable, you will know that when your proposed schools start selling their admission/post UTME forms.


I guarantee you will be able to use this year NECO result for admission into most federal and state-owned universities, polytechnics and colleges of education.

If however, you’re dealing with private schools and NDA especially, it may not work. You can contact your private school's admission office on their position on using awaiting NECO results for their admission.

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  1. Thanks sir for the information hope to use my neco results for admission this year

  2. Plz will unilorin open the portal back to accommodate neco awaiting result students?

    1. The answer to this is not that direct. But I can assure that, as at the time of answering this question, the portal is opened for candidates enter their awaiting results. With my experience, for the school to have opened the portal opened till now, they're waiting for NECO results before they will stop the portal for such.

      In fact, the option to upload the waiting results is only active for those who filled AR during the post UTME registration. This means, they want to wait for NECO to help candidates on AR. Be hopeful!

      I made reference to this in the post, "Can I Upload Outstanding or Held Results on JAMB/School Portal? See Answer" https://www.schoolcontents.info/2019/08/can-i-upload-outstanding-or-held.html


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