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Will JAMB Extend Sales Of UTME/DE Form (2024)?

In recent years, a lot has happened. JAMB has, a few times, extended the sales of its forms. A few other years, the board had insisted on never adding even just a day to the sales period.

For this year, what's possible? Will the board consider extending the sales of e-PIN for the registration or the registration generally?

In this post, I will not only let you know if this is possible, but I will also be sure to add updates as soon as the board extends if any.

JAMB Will Usually Extend the Sales of Form If Necessary

We've observed that even the registrar of the board has been the adamant type and a disciplinarian to the core. Yet, he knew the right time to extend the registration.

During social unrest or strikes, in the past, he extended the period of the sales of the forms and the registration. Sometimes, he only extended the registration time but stopped the sales of the PINs i.e. those who had PINs could still register within the extension.

Considering what happened in the year 2023, when there was the change in (or the redesign of) the N200, N500, and N1000 notes which led to the scarcity of money, the board deemed it necessary to add a week to the period of the sales of forms and registration (as updated in the next section).

Apparently for any other year, if you observe that there is any national concern that the board may be considerate of, you may expect an extension.

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JAMB Extended the Sales of the JAMB Form For A Week

At most though, the board may not add days more than a week. There was never been a time it added up to a week (since the new registrar) other than in 2023.

For 2023, below is an extract from the official extension announcement.


The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB)  has extended its 2023 UTME registration exercise by one week starting from Wednesday, 15th February 2023. By this extension, the sale of ePINs would end on Monday, 20th February 2023, while the UTME registration ends on Wednesday, 22nd February 2023.

Recall that in line with the Board’s 2023 Schedule of Activities, as earlier released, the closing date for the sale of both the ePINs and the 2023 UTME application documents was slated for Tuesday, 14th February 2023.

At the close of the sale of ePINs on Tuesday, 14th February 2023, 1,527,068 candidates had successfully registered for the 2023 UTME exercise inclusive of the 168,748, who indicated their interest to take the Mock-UTME.

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Even if you don't meet up within such an extension, you should be listening to the news or visiting the nearest JAMB office because we had in the past when the boards made arrangements for candidates who could not register for JAMB within the open period for officially recognized reasons.

Missed Direct Entry Deadline? Check This First!

Luckily in the year 2023, JAMB separated the sales of the Direct Entry (DE) form period from the sale period for the UTME. This was different from what we had in the past when the JAMB UTME and DE from were sold together and closed together.

For 2023, as noted in the extension notice above, the UTME closed on February 22, 2023, and the DE was earlier announced to start on February 20 and end on April 20 (now suspended till further notice).

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has suspended until further notice the ongoing 2023 Direct Entry registration exercise, which commenced on Monday, 20th February, 2023, with effect from Tuesday, 21st February, 2023.

The same may continue into the future. That is, the board may be separating the sales period of UTME from that of DE.

So, if you're a DE candidate who heard that JAMB has closed, that might NOT be for the Direct Entry (DE). Be sure to confirm if the DE is still on sale even though JAMB UTME might have closed.

For some UTME candidates who think they can obtain both the DE and UTME form together, that has been declared impossible. Luckily, if you've already obtained the UTME form but you're considering the DE too because you're qualified, you may consider upgrading the UTME to DE when the time comes.


It's not uncommon to see the board closing the sales of its form on the date announced without any extension. However, where necessary and unaffordable, the board usually considers extension.

If you're a DE applicant, you may still be lucky as the sales of DE forms might have been initially extended beyond the period of UTME.

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