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JAMB Portal/System Upgrade: My Information Intact?

Every year, there's no doubt that JAMB does upgrade its server, portal, or database. Whether we're aware of it or not, the board has some behind-the-scene activities ongoing.

A  few times, as well, students will get to know about this upgrade - though most rumor. You'll observe something like this if you've pieces of information, already on your JAMB portal that suddenly disappears and later reappears.

Some details like O'level might be off your page for a while, even though you've uploaded that and were then appearing.

So, what's your fate if JAMB upgrades or updates its server or portal? Are your details safe or do you have to upload your results again? Or there is a need to panic? Won't that affect your admission in any way?

Let's explore things and see if anything seriously concerns you.

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JAMB Portal Update or Upgrade of Server Won't Affect Students Information

In most cases, if not in all, if JAMB updates its system, it doesn't permanently affect students' data. If it has had a visible effect like the temporary disappearance of some information, the board will have things restored or normal in no distant future.

A concerned student, who must have heard some rumor, showed his panic after asking JAMB if there is anything to worry about.

Uwem Obong asked.

JAMB I heard you've upgraded your site and all those who uploaded their waec and sat for the  2023 jamb will be affected cause of the system upgrade by that, you've advised them to re-upload their result. Please is this true?

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The student certainly didn't see anything by himself - probably the usual social media mass message.

After some other students started falling for this trend, JAMB quickly addressed the concern in a reply.

The update carried out by the Board did not result in any data loss, as such, your previously uploaded O’level information remains intact on the CAPS.

In a similar update, JAMB relieved another worried student. 

Please note that there is no cause for alarm, your O’ level information on CAPS remains intact.


There is no need to dwell on this. If JAMB upgrades its server or portal it won't necessarily affect your data or the details of your O'level results.

And if JAMB will require the uploading of results (which they've never done before), they won't share that through your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook. The board has its dedicated Twitter page and an official portal to disseminate information.

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