Can I Be Offered Admission By School I Didn't Choose In JAMB? -

Can I Be Offered Admission By School I Didn't Choose In JAMB?

Is It Possible To Be Offered/Given Admission By School You Didn't Choose In JAMB?
Yes, it is possible. Sometimes, a school you didn’t choose during UTME registration or those you never considered for a change of institution will offer you admission. This can be confusing though, you don’t have to worry about it.

You need to understand what can lead to this.

Why Would a school you did not choose Offer you admission?

This is the handwork of JAMB and a few schools that share your information with their counterparts. They sometimes send the information of candidates who were not offered admission by their interested institutions to other available schools. These spacious schools then accept to offer you admission instead.

For example, LENS Polytechnic, Offa, Kwara State usually sends SMS to candidates who are seeking admission to The Federal Polytechnic Offa also in Kwara State. This could be an arrangement between the two polytechnics.

It's not limited to the LENS polytechnics, there are several polytechnics and universities that may have this arrangement among one another.

Around what time are you likely going to receive admission offers from these schools?

Usually, schools you didn’t choose don't offer you admission so early in the admission year. They first consider candidates who chose them. Then proceed to offer others the spaces that were left-over. As a result, you should be expecting such admission when the admission year is nearly over.

How likely are you going to know if offered admission by those schools?

In most cases, these sets of schools will send SMS and rarely, emails to you informing you of the admission offer. Then, instruct you to report to the school or check their websites to accept admission. This is the only way they affirm you’re interested.

You can also see such offers in the JAMB CAPS to your surprise. Most offers under CAPS Marketplace fall into this category. If interested, accept it. If not, reject it. 


In short, a school may have available admission slots after accepting all candidates who chose them as their preferred institution during JAMB registration. In such cases, the school may offer admission to candidates who did not choose them but met their admission requirements and were recommended by JAMB through the CAPS system.

Therefore, it is essential to keep checking the JAMB CAPS portal regularly to know if you have been offered admission to any school, even if you did not choose them during your JAMB registration. If you are offered admission to a school you did not choose, you will be required to accept or reject the offer before a specified deadline.

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  1. I was given an admission by a school that I didn't make a choice in jamb what should I do

  2. My jamb cap is displaying another school name as my choice institution and I didn't choose it at all
    It's displaying Newgate university Minna
    And I choosed federal university oye
    It has been there for over two months now and people are telling me that I should ignore it that they are just advertising............I have ignored it but it's still showing's not showing me the school I choosed 😩😩🥺🥺🥺

  3. I have been offered admission in federal college of education Gombe affiliated to ATBU to study computer science B.Sc. now there is problem which I need help. They said that the of students required is not enough for the starting, that I should change institution to ATBU as first choice. Can it work because I have accepted and print my admission letter

  4. Good evening,
    Please i received admission from the school that is not among the four choices i choosed during jamb registration. it is not showing on my jamb cabs nor my marketplace in my jamb caps.

    Please i need to resolve this issue.


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