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CAPS Shows Course & Institution But Still NOT ADMITTED

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Before now, checking your JAMB admission status – what you saw was blank spaces for both the institution and course.

This had caused confusion and a series of misconceptions. Some candidates thought all was over as they might be out of luck for this year. That’s why I explained the meaning of this situation in the post, “JAMB CAPS Shows “Not Admitted”: All Hope Lost?”.

And for those who are necessarily concerned about the empty spaces for their schools and courses, I cleared your doubt in the post, “Institution and Course Not Showing (Blank) in CAPS? Reasons and Solutions”.

Things had changed lately. JAMB has restored your institution and course of choice at the Admission Status page.
Institution and course now showing

That seems to have given some relief and left some candidates confused.

Some interpreted this as they’ve been offered admission or will be any time sooner.

Well, they may be right but there is more to know.

Institution and Course Showing Doesn’t Mean Admitted - Not Yet.

In fact, very many had seen their institutions and courses indeed. Yet the status still remained NOT ADMITTED.

JAMB has just upgraded her portal, the same she does from time to time.

That’s why candidates are now seeing institutions and courses.

One of the confused admission seekers had asked the body whether that means he was already admitted.

Below was their interaction.


Please, my institution and course suddenly appeared on caps but status unchanged (Not Admitted).. does it means I've been offered admission?

JAMB official:
Displaying a candidate's preferred institution/course of study does not mean that a candidate has been admitted. It's part of the Board's site upgrade as the platform will henceforth display such information.

JAMB explains why it shows institutions and courses now

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What Next After This?

Candidates should be aware that admission is still in progress for now and may still be until further notice.

Though JAMB had announced the closing date for this year's admission, we should be on the lookout for an extension as more and more schools are just dropping their first and second batches. In fact, a few are still selling forms.

Hence, be hopeful that you may be lucky in the admission lists of your proposed institution.

Candidates should also be aware that some institutions are now transferring their candidates from their desired courses to other related courses with vacancies. You can check that to be sure that you’d not been transferred. If you’d been transferred but never accepted it, your status will remain NOT ADMITTED.

If you’re still having your O’level results un-uploaded, you won’t be admitted even if you merit it. Check now

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  1. jamb have sent me transfer of approval but still showing not admitted why is that

    1. It will take a few days or week before it changes to ADMITTED.

      After the approval, the school will start a new process to admit you finally.

      It may take time. Patience.

      Read more here:

  2. Sir please
    Is showing not admitted
    But other candidates have been admitted
    Any hope for me

  3. Please I want to know the latest about AAUA admission, because my CAPS is still showing NOT ADMITTED. Thanks.

  4. Is OAU releasing any other list?

  5. Please I want to no the latest news on Ibbul admission

    1. Check the link below.


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