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Is LENS Polytechnic Same as Federal Polytechnic Offa?

After chasing admission into the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Wale waited in vain before opting to pursue Daily Part-time admission at Kwara State Polytechnic. He was successfully admitted to the state polytechnic. Subsequently, he received an SMS from LENS Polytechnic Offa, stating that the institution was prepared to offer him admission.

You have been offered admission at LENS POLYTECHNIC OFFA to study MASS COMMUNICATION. Note- Acceptance fee is 15,000 Tuition fee 35,000 call or chat 09052249903 for more info. Report with your credentials on or before 3rd JANUARY 2024 click here to print your admission letter

Turning to me for consultation, Wale sought clarification on whether the admission offer came from the Federal Polytechnic Offa, where he initially processed admission. He wanted to confirm if LENS Polytechnic mentioned in the text message was the same as Federal Polytechnic Offa.

In this post, I will address Wale's question and provide relevant clarifications.

The Federal Polytechnic Offa Is Not the Same as LENS Polytechnic

While both institutions are located in Offa, Kwara State, the Federal Polytechnic Offa is a federal-owned institution, whereas LENS Polytechnic is private-owned. 

The Federal Polytechnic Offa's Main Campus is about 6.5 kilometers from Offa town center on the Offa – Ojoku Road, while the Mini Campus is situated at the southern end of Offa town along Offa Oshobo Road. Lens Polytechnic Offa, on the other hand, is located at KM2 Irra Road Offa, Kwara State Nigeria.

The Federal Polytechnic Offa was founded by the Federal Government in 1992, whereas LENS Polytechnic was established in 2012, making it relatively newer.

In summary, the two polytechnics are distinct entities and are not affiliated with each other.

But I Didn't Choose LENS Polytechnic, Why Admission Offer?

It's true; as I mentioned in a previous post, "Can I Be Offered Admission By School I Didn't Choose In JAMB", it's possible to receive admission offers from schools not chosen in JAMB or for which you haven't obtained the post-UTME/screening form. 

LENS Polytechnic is one such institution that may extend offers to students who initially selected Federal Polytechnic Offa but were not offered admission. The polytechnic may obtain details directly from the Federal Polytechnic Offa or JAMB database, reaching out to students via SMS to consider them as an alternative.

However, it's crucial not to accept or pay any fees until you physically confirm the legitimacy of the offer at the school's admission office. This is because such a message may equally emanate from scammers out there.

Will Federal Polytechnic Offa Offer You Admission If You Don't Accept LENS' Offer?

In cases where students receive admission offers from LENS Polytechnic but are still anticipating admission from Federal Polytechnic Offa, it's likely that LENS Polytechnic won't send an offer unless there's little hope of admission from Federal Polytechnic Offa

If you can afford the fees and are uncertain about admission from Federal Polytechnic Offa, accepting the offer from LENS Polytechnic might be a prudent decision to avoid losing a year. Additionally, excelling at a private polytechnic can enhance competitiveness for future educational pursuits.

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