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How to Cope with a Different Course Offered by a University

You may be traumatized if you're offered a different course other than the one you applied for.

This is general, of course, if your dream is set aside for another cause.

Imagine seeking admission for Accounting and you end up being offered Marketing, Office Management Technology, or insurance. Or you applied for Medicine, but you're offered Pure and Applied Chemistry.

You must be hurt to the bone marrow if offered a different course other than what you sought. After all, you had your reason and dream before picking Accounting in the first place. With this new offer, your dream had been jettisoned one way or the other.

If you find yourself in this situation and you're not careful, you may end up wasting years attending classes for the new course. You may end up not noticing opportunities in disguise. You may fail to explore other possibilities the new course can bring.

In this post, I will be guiding you on the best approach to your admission and studies if you've been offered a course different from your dream.

It's Normal to be Offered Another Course, Just Change Your Mindset

Nothing is practically wrong with being given a different course. It's just as simple as you're looking for white, but you get blue.

Don't dwell on the type of color you got. Just look for the best uses of the blue.

Just as your chosen course has its potential, so also does the new course. In fact, some students are dying to have the course given to them. This set of students also knows the potential of the course before going for it.

After seeing the potential of Forestry, a die-hard Medicine candidate eventually fell in love with the former. Why don't you look beyond what you're seeing right now?

When we're ignorant of something, we tend not to appreciate it. 

As the first step to continue with this new course, try to learn as much as possible about its prospects. You may find your true self in this field even before you start.

Do some Google searches. What are the prospects of being a Botanist? Where can I work as Library and Information Scientist? What's my potential as a graduate of Multimedia Technology? 

Seek to know more from your lecturers. They will help open your mind to the possibilities awaiting you after graduation.

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Learning the New Course Could Be Easier than You Think

One of the conflicts you have as soon as you're offered another course is how to cope with the new areas and classes of studies.

You've been a science student all your life but you ended up in social science classes all of a sudden. How can you cope as an art student if offered art and design, which is a science course?

This is, of course, a concern. Yet, it's nothing difficult to handle. Of course, you only need time to adjust.

Be sure you don't miss classes. Read books about the basics of the new discipline. A science student who ends up in art class may have to pick a few secondary school texts to get a better idea of the platforms upon which some of his new classes will be placed.

Attend tutorials organized by your departments, coursemates, religious bodies, etc.

You'll be surprised how quickly you'll adapt to the new discipline with little or no difficulty.

I had a few science students who gained admission into Accountancy with me. We graduated together with some of them coming out with better grades than those who had been commercial students all their years in secondary school.

You can do it!

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You Can Still Change Course Going to 200 Level

Although this may not be open to admitted candidates into polytechnics and colleges of education, if you're admitted into a different course in a university, you can change while going to the 200 level.

Several universities, if not all, usually sell forms called the "change of courses" while they're promoting their 100 level students to the 200 level. The form is also called intra-departmental or intra-faculty form.

With this form, interested applicants, if they meet certain GPAs or grade levels, are allowed to consider any other course of interest.

With this, if you've not fallen in love with an earlier given course, you can change to the desired one.

However, as earlier noted, you must have taken the given course so seriously that you're able to secure the required GPA. Else, you're stuck!

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Accept the New Course and Explore

It'll be a serious mistake to rigidly believe that once you study to become a doctor, you will end up practicing Medicine. Not all graduates of Accounting end up in banks and accounting departments.

Being offered a new course doesn't necessarily mean you're not going to make it in life. There are poor doctors, engineers, nurses, and accountants out there. 

While some graduates of Chemistry, Biology, Physical and Health Education, etc. are doing well in their industries or any other industries for that matter, a trained teacher may end up in a banking hall.

A graduate, with a poor grade in Banking and Finance, may be wandering around town while a graduate of Islamic Religious Studies, with a good grade, may work in a bank.

Hence, it's not all about the course but the grade and how much you can explore life and become anything you're capable of.

Your newly given course may be your real call. Explore it!

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