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Is It Possible To Change Institution After Accepted a School's Offer?

You Can Still Change Institution After Being Offered Admission
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A few candidates will want to change their institutions after already being admitted by some institutions? Here is the picture.

An admitted candidate to a school decides not to go for that institution, for any reason known to him. Then, he wants to change to another institution that he truly and really wants. Now, he wants to know if this possible for him or not.

A situation like this can be very rare, yet it is possible. You may not even be on this page if you're not a victim or you have someone who is in the situation right now.

First, let's look at a few situations that might lead to considering changing from a school that had already offered you a course to another you're just hoping for.
  1. The school that admitted you was none of your choices. Of course, this is possible. Candidates chose 4 institutions during the UTME registration and even wrote or partook in the post UTME exercises of those chosen schools. However, a different institution offered him admission. This situation was well addressed in my post, "Given Admission by A School You Didn't Choose? See Why and What To Do".
  2. You've got the offer before someone assured you of admission into another. This is pretty common too. A candidate has been offered admission by an institution before a brother, professor or lecturer got back that he would help into another university.
  3. You'd rushed to change the institution to the university or polytechnic that offered you admission before the former school gave you admission too. This is another rear situation but it's possible. I discussed this in, "After Changing Institution, Can The Previous School Offer Admission?"
  4. You got admitted and you later changed your mind because of the course, school fee, security or the location of the school. This is not uncommon as well.

Whatever the situation, what matters here is you had been admitted, yet you want to consider the change of institution and you don't know if it's possible or how to go around this.

You Can Still Change Institution After Being Offered Admission

Yes, it's possible. But not in all situations.

There are things to know before you start throwing yourself into the air.

1. Change of Institutions on JAMB Portal

It is possible to do the change of the institution directly on the JAMB portal if you'd not accepted the admission on JAMB CAPS. In other words, after being offered admission by JAMB, you'll be opened to options to Accept or Reject. If you haven't accepted the offer, you're so lucky and you can just do the change of institution right away. In other words, you'll be better to choose to Reject if you want to change to another school. See What JAMB and Schools Do When You Reject Admission on CAPS.

If you'd accepted the offer before a change of mind, your situation is a bit complicated. You will need to visit the school that offered you admission (the one you're changing from) and asks for a rejection of the admission letter from the admission office. After this, you will submit a copy to the JAMB office and the new school that's ready to offer you space. After the official conclusion among the former school, the new school, and JAMB, you'll be allowed to do the change of institution and offered admission by the new school.

2. Change of Institution Through Transfer Admission

If the number one option will not work or get too complicated, especially if you'd already accepted the offer, you may go for Admission by Transfer.

With this, you may need to spend your first year at the institution you're changing from before you can go for this option. Processing this is only possible to a few universities out there. You can be lucky with UNILORIN, ABU, UNN, UNIOSUN, LAUTECH, etc.

Transfer admission allows an undergraduate student of a university to move from his or her present university to another. For example, a 200 level student of Ladoke Akintola University may seek transfer admission to the University of Ilorin. 

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  1. Please I did change of institution when a polythecnic offered so I won't miss any chance. Can I still change it back to the university??

    1. If you've accepted the polytechnic admission on the JAMB CAPS, NO.

      JAMB can't offer you admission form two schools. 👇

      And you may not be able to reject the admission form the polytechnic after being accepted.👇

  2. Before i was offered admission I had done a change of institution already and now jamb is asking me to change it back before printing my admission letter which I tried doing but it's not working. How do I go about it please

    1. You can still do change of institution/course for three times. Use the service of an accredited CBT center or JMAB office.

  3. I was offered another course in my transfer approval and I accepted it but my caps is still showing my old course and I have not been admitted

    The thing is that now, I want to change my Institution and course,is it possible as it stands now

    1. If transferred, the next thing is to accept and change to the course on the JAMB portal. That's the only when your school can offer you the admission finally.

      With the look of things, you have not changed to the transferred course.

      If by now, you still want to change to another school, you can. That will cancel the possibility of being offered the last admission again.

  4. I applied for an institution, another institution offered me admission. If i open the data page all i see is the new institution name, telling me to accept or reject. I clicked accept, it will show green and say recorded and that's all, if i leave the page and come back to it, it will still say accept or reject . Kindly help please am tired , i dont understand again

  5. What will I do after mistakenly accepting my admission on caps


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