Can I Transfer Admission to Federal/State University? -

Can I Transfer Admission to Federal/State University?

After facing the delay in the academic calendar of some universities, students will want to see if they can get transfer admissions from their universities to others.

There are more reasons to consider the option of being transferred from your university to another. Tuition hikes by your school can force you to rethink. Internal threats from lecturers, cults, etc. are a few other popular reasons. However, you're not sure of what is possible.

Will it be possible to get transfer admissions to federal and state universities?

A few students, from private and state universities, are trying to get transfer admissions. They're aware the forms can be available for the formality's sake. For real, will it be easier to get such an offer at federal and state universities?

In this post, I will be sharing experiences with you in order to guide you on what is possible and what's not while trying to cross this hurdle.

Transfer From One University to Another Other Is Statutory

By the Law establishing universities (federal, state, and private), a university, once included in its admission methods, should accept students from other universities irrespective of whether they're from federal-, state- or private-owned universities.

The arrangement though doesn't force students on any university. Each school, accepting transfer students, can, at its own discretion, decide when to accept transfer students, from which universities, and the number of students to.

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It's Not Easy To Gain a Transfer Admission To Federal Universities

Probably due to less competition, among students seeking transfer admissions, into state and private universities, the process is never as tedious and unfriendly as with the federal universities.

Almost all state and private universities put up their transfer admission forms every year. Very many federals won't do that.

For example, the Osun State University, Osogbo, Ladoke Akintola University Ogbomoso, University of Medical Science Ondo, etc. are a few of the state universities that put up their forms on sale every year.

Literally, all private universities sell these transfer admission forms yearly.

However, a few federal universities such as the University of Ilorin, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, University of Nigeria Nzukka etc. will sell forms yearly or only when they deem it right.

As a result, competition for the few federal universities, selling transfer admission forms, will limit your chance to be admitted.

Though it may be worth trying,  you should just be aware that your chance to gain such admission, to federal universities, may depend majorly on the connection within the university, apart from meeting the requirements.

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No Issue Gaining Transfer Admission to State and Private Universities

Needless to say, private universities are not only open-minded to transfer students, but they are, as well, open-handed. They want you to come. They have departments to fill up.

For the state universities, your chance to gain admission through transfer won't be as narrow. The competition is there but never intense. Hence, you should try your luck.


For my years of working as an education consultant, I can count the number of students who were lucky to be admitted by Federal universities, especially the University of Ilorin, and Ahmadu Bello University. It's not easy! I'll be out of numbers if I must count students, I knew of, admitted by private and state universities, through transfer admissions.

Hence, don't be too sure that a federal university transfer admission is 100% sure. You can bet that with a state or private one.

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