Does JAMB Verify Results and Certificates? -

Does JAMB Verify Results and Certificates?

When some students come to ask me if JAMB will verify their results and/or certificates, it's pretty easy to assume what is prompting those queries.

Some students have probably uploaded a different result on the JAMB portal (during UTME/DE registration or later) and another one on the school portal (during the post-UTME registration). Some have noticed some errors in the O'level results entered for them by the CBT center's attendants. Some have even adulterated the results to game the admission system.

In any of the cases above, you may want to know if JAMB will check and verify the results uploaded by the students before such students can be offered admission on the JAMB portal. And that's what we're here to talk about.

No Evidence or Official Release that JAMB Verifies O'level Results

To answer your question, you would want me to provide official support that the board usually verifies WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, or GCE results being uploaded by UTME or DE candidates during the registration or later.

Unfortunately, speaking of the O'level results (SSCE), there's no official or clear evidence that the board does verify results uploaded. Of course, it's compulsory, officially announced, that all UTME and DE candidates must upload their O'level and/or A'level results respectively. However, particularly for the UTME, the board has not given any account of verification of these results.

Personally, I've come across cases where mistakes were made in the years being entered by CBT attendants for some UTME candidates. Eventually, even with incorrect O'level years, these students still got admission. I've addressed a case of a parent who contacted me because the entire results appearing on her son's JAMB portal were not his. The same guy got admission eventually.

So, if JAMB was verifying these uploaded results, such students shouldn't be offered admission or, at the very least, face some issues to rectify the problems before being admitted. Yet, nothing of such has happened.

It's safe to say that, even though the board continually improves its system, especially to track frauds in the admissions, the verification of O'level results is unlikely by the board - for now.

JAMB Does Verify Results/Certificates of Direct Entry Applicants

What is covered above was mainly about the UTME candidates, for whom the only required document to upload is their O'level results. Whereas, the DE aspirants will need to upload both their O'level and A'level (higher qualification claimed). As such, even if there is no evidence that the O'level results will be verified by the board, it has made it clear that the A'level results/certificates will be verified.

Apart from the fact that DE applicants must register their forms at JAMB offices, the board has taken it so seriously that the former school claimed will be required to attest and confirm that the applicants truly attended their institutions and the results/certificates uploaded were truly issued by them. JAMB calls this verification of results/certificates.

All institutions whose certificates were submitted for the 2023 Direct Entry application had been contacted for certificate verification, please, be patient, the  process will soon be completed

The truth is that a lot of fraudulent A'level claims have been unravelled through the verification exercise. Some candidates used fake results to apply,  some attended unapproved schools while some supplied fake JAMB admission letters among others.

Emphasis should be made here that this affects mainly the DE applicants, as there is no indication that the board had announced it will get back to the secondary schools attended by the UTME applicants or the exam bodies from which they hold their results.

Even for the DE applicants, JAMB doesn't likely verify the O'level results just as it will verify the higher qualifications claimed. Hence, it's safe to say that, the process of verification of results should be the concern of the DE applicants, not necessarily the UTME candidates.

Verification of O'level Results Awaits All Upon Admission

I don't know your reasons for asking if JAMB will verify your result. But, if it's to manipulate the system, you'll still be caught down the line.

In most cases, it appears JAMB has left the verification of O'level results to the school you proposed. Every university, polytechnic, college of education, college of nursing, etc., must conduct physical screening of credentials, including the O'level results once you're admitted.

In other words, even if your O'level result is fake, incomplete, or adulterated at the point of registration, be it during the JAMB UTME/DE registration or during the post-UTME/DE or screening application, you'll still not pass the final stage of the admission exercise.

Based on the documents and information given to JAMB and filled during the online registration, schools and JAMB will offer applicants admission. However, once you get to school, usually after you must have paid the acceptance fee or completed the online bio-data registration, each student will appear in person before an assigned official in his or her own department for physical verification of credentials.

It's at this point that, in some cases, some schools will ask you to bring an O'level result checker (card used to check your result). They won't only check the result on the paper given to them; they will go online using the website of the exam bodies, then recheck the results to be sure that what you bring to them matches exactly the same result online or on the official body's database.

This step ensures that any discrepancies or attempts to manipulate the system are caught before final admission is granted. It highlights the importance of honesty and accuracy in the submission of academic records, as discrepancies can lead to disqualification or withdrawal of admission offers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding JAMB Verification of Results and Certificates

1. Why are students concerned about JAMB verifying their results and certificates?

When students inquire about JAMB's verification process, it's often due to concerns regarding discrepancies in the results uploaded during registration, errors made by CBT center attendants, or attempts to manipulate the admission system.

2. Does JAMB verify O'level results uploaded by candidates during registration?

As of now, there is no official evidence that JAMB verifies O'level results uploaded by UTME candidates. Despite mistakes or discrepancies in uploaded results, some students still receive admission without facing verification issues.

3. What about Direct Entry (DE) applicants?

DE applicants must upload both their O'level and A'level results. JAMB explicitly states that it verifies A'level results/certificates. Institutions are contacted to confirm the authenticity of certificates submitted by DE applicants.

4. What happens if discrepancies are found during verification?

Fraudulent claims, including fake results or attendance at unapproved schools, have been exposed through verification exercises. Applicants caught with fraudulent claims risk disqualification from the admission process.

5. Will schools verify O'level results upon admission?

Yes, all institutions conduct physical screening of credentials, including O'level results, upon admission. This process involves cross-referencing the results submitted with official databases to ensure accuracy and authenticity.

6. What should applicants prioritize to avoid complications?

Applicants should ensure the accuracy and genuineness of the information and documents they submit during registration to avoid complications during the verification process and the admission process as a whole. Honesty is crucial to a successful admission process.


While JAMB's direct verification of O'level results for UTME candidates might not be stringent, the final verification process at the institutional level acts as a critical checkpoint against fraudulent academic records. Direct Entry applicants, on the other hand, do face a more rigorous verification process, especially concerning their A'level results or other higher qualifications. Therefore, it's crucial for all applicants to ensure that the information and documents they submit are accurate and genuine to avoid complications in their admission process.

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