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Wrong O'level Year on My JAMB Portal, What To Do

When you upload results to the JAMB portal at a CBT, you may get home before you notice that the year of the O'level was not correctly entered.

You're not the only candidate in this mess. Candidates, in this mess or similar ones, have reported this and reached out to me for solutions.

Here, you will know your fate if the result filled for you on the JAMB portal is showing the year or date of the exams that is not yours.

First, You May Not Be Able To Correct This Error

In the past, it was usually possible to correct anything on your uploaded/filled results on the JAMB portal

You could change the exam number, year, grade, and subject. Lately, candidates are reporting that CBT centers could not edit filled results and if they try, they would still see the same error not changing on the JAMB portal.

JAMB is aware of this and unfortunately, they're not doing anything about it (to date). So, I'm sorry if you can't correct such errors in the result uploaded.

But JAMB has backup for such mistakes.

JAMB Asked CBT Centre To Scan and Upload the Paper Result as a Backup

You see, JAMB knows that would be human errors on certain occasions. That's why they don't limit it to filling the subjects and grades only, they ask the CBT centers to scan and upload candidates' results too.

With the result scanned and uploaded, the board takes the paper result as superseding the subjects and grades filled.

Although you may not have the scanned and uploaded result showing on your CAPS, once the filled ones are appearing the scanned ones are there too. This is because one will not be showing on the portal without the other done.

Therefore, if you have the wrong exam date or year on the result filled, don't worry, as the scanned one is covering up for you.

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JAMB Is Mainly Interested in the 5 Subjects, Not the Year of the Exams

Even where the year of the exam is not filled at all, it won't have any effect on your admission not to mention it was wrongly filled.

Yes, the board only cares about students filling their results and grades. And surprisingly only 5 subjects are enough as long as that are the required subjects for your proposed course.

I'm saying these with lots of experience. I've seen candidates who filled just five subjects admitted by JAMB and the school. I've seen those who didn't fill in their year of result or those who wrote it wrongly, but still admitted. I've seen the worst where another result was uploaded for the candidate and still got admitted with it.

See, JAMB is not taking all those little things seriously. They're aware you're going for another screening with your school.

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Your School Screening Matters Most in the End

After doing all things right with JAMB, you will still be subjected to fill out post-UTME/screening forms with your proposed school. In fact, if you make mistake with the JAMB year of O'level, you don't have to make the same mistake while filling out the school admission form.

And if you make such mistakes on the school admission portal, most schools allow candidates to keep editing things before the closing date of their forms.

JAMB is aware of this too. Hence, they usually don't take the verification too seriously with the O'level you uploaded and their details. They know you'll correctly fill out UTME forms and if you make mistake here too, your school will still do a physical screening called freshers documentation before you can be admitted.

And at the physical screening and documentation, once you can present all the required documents with the correct information on them, you're a student.

On the other hand, even if you fill things in correctly on JAMB and post-UTME, during the screening there are obvious mix-ups that can deprive you of admission, they won't hesitate to send you back home.


Don't choke yourself if you've tried changing the exam year (entered in error) on your JAMB portal. It won't affect you. It's one thing that the scanned and uploaded copy would make up for this mistake, it's another that, what you filled in for post UTME/screening or present during the freshers' registration matters in the end.

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