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Can I Use Different O'level Results On JAMB and School Portal?

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One of the dilemmas admission seekers face is using O'level results that are different on the JAMB portal and the school portals. In other words, there are situations where you think it should be right to use a result on the JAMB portal but use another on the school portal.

Let’s illustrate this. 

The case study of Yinka

Yinka wrote WAEC in April/May but already had one GCE. While registering for UTME, he filled in the GCE at the CBT center. A few months later, his WAEC April/May results were released. This was better than his GCE. Hence, he started contemplating whether he should use his new results during the post-UTME screening.

If you get the picture above, his results are two. He had used one for UTME registration. He wants to use the other for post-UTME/screening.

Is this possible? Is it acceptable to use different results on the JAMB portal and another on the school portal?

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JAMB Wants the Same Results on Both the School Portal and its Portal

There is probably no official announcement that candidates should strictly use the same result on the two platforms – school’s and JAMB’s.

However, from experience and different announcements by institutions,, candidates are expected to make sure that the results entered on the JAMB portal are exactly the same results they fill on the school portals during post-UTME/screening.

In fact, just recently a school refused to release the screening results of certain applicants because the results JAMB sent to the management were different from the ones those applicants filled in during the post-UTME screening.

Don’t forget that JAMB will forward the list of each school’s applicants and their profiles to those institutions. The schools will then match the details including O’level results, names, date of birth, local governments, etc with the details supplied by candidates while filling out forms on the admission portal.

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What if Your New Results are Better than the New Ones?

It seems I’ve convinced you that you should use the same results on both the JAMB portal and the post-UTME screening portal. However, you may be feeling bad already because you have better results now than the one used on the JAMB portal.

In fact, you can change your results on the JAMB portal. If you’ve uploaded a result before on the JAMB portal, it’s editable. You can return to the JAMB portal and upload the new one thereby replacing the other. 

Also, if you had uploaded weaker results on the post UTME/screening portal, you can change that too after. It’s possible to change some schools’ profiles after submitting your results on the school portal (but not after the registration has closed).

Some institutions, in fact, will reopen their admission portals for candidates to update their details, especially the results (this may be to accommodate applicants using awaiting results).


It’s not advisable to use a result different from the JAMB’s portal for the post-UTME/screening and vice versa. If you must change the result to better ones, consider editing the one used on the admission portal or replacing the one used for the JAMB registration.

What’s important is ensuring the results match across the board.

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  1. Good evening sir, I had done updating of result to better ones but it's still the previous one that is showing on my jamb caps, pls what is the problem

    1. Tap the refresh link on your jamb caps and the new change will appear

  2. Good evening sir/ma'am
    There has been a mistake in my examination grades in the school portal I checked my jamb caps and found out that the English where there was A1 in it was C4 in the jamb caps I dont know how this error occur but I hope its solvable I guess it must have been some typographical error what should I do sir