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How To Do JAMB DE Result/Certificate Verification

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Since 2023, JAMB has required the verification of DE applicants' certificates by contacting the institutions that issued them; applicants must present their JAMB admission letters and certificates during DE registration, and any unverified certificates will result in denied admissions.

Things do change in education, especially with JAMB. Before 2024, JAMB was not particularly verifying certificates of DE applicants. Back then, once you obtained the JAMB DE form, you would also obtain the university post-DE form. In some cases, you would request academic transcripts to be sent to the proposed university.

Based on these alone, JAMB and universities would offer aspirants the Direct Entry(DE) admission. However, recently, another step has been added. JAMB will now verify the certificates of DE applicants.

This change has been in place since the 2023 DE application period. During this time, JAMB began to handle DE applications directly, instead of using the services of CBT centers. As a result, the board insisted that, henceforth, DE applicants could only register and correct anything regards their applicants at JAMB offices.

During the DE registration, unlike before, the board insisted candidates present their JAMB admission letters for their previous admission along with the certificate or statement of results given to them by the schools upon completion of their ND, NCE, IJMB, JUPEB, HND, BSc, or any other qualifications.

According to the board,

This is to inform all A-Level candidates that applied for the 2023 admissions through Direct Entry (DE) to contact their former institutions for prompt verification of their certificates.

Now, DE applicants who are aware of this update or those just finding out, in this post, might be asking how to do this verification of certificates. Will JAMB do it by itself? Are candidates required to take part in the verification by sending anything to JAMB or school? Let's discuss it!

After DE Registration, JAMB Will Contact Your School

During the DE application, apart from the submission of copies of your statement of results or certificate, the board will contact the school you claimed, to affirm and attest that you were truly their student who had completed the program claimed and was awarded the certificate in question.

In its words, during the previous exercise, JAMB reported that,

... to expedite the verification process, the Board on its part has written to all tertiary institutions that issued the certificates and a significant number of them have responded positively...

As you can see, the verification of certificates is an arrangement between JAMB and your school. It's actually correct to say that it doesn't concern you other than to make the certificate/statement of result available during your DE application.

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What If My School Doesn't Verify The Result/Certificate?

In fact, your school shouldn't fail to respond to JAMB when it's time to verify your results.

A DE student's complaint

According to the board, would not process any DE admission without certificate verification and that admission process for the academic year would soon be concluded.

No need to repeat, if your school doesn't respond to verifying your results, the board and the proposed university will deny you admission even if you merit it.

As such, the Board would not consider all affected students of non-responsive institutions for admissions for the academic year.

Schools Will Be Aware Of The Importance of DE Verification of Results

Although the new process is in its infancy, as time goes by, most schools will understand the need to respond to the JAMB verification of results call. This is a "must" so their graduates will not be left out of the admission offers.

This is a verified DE applicant status

As an applicant, you can't really force your school to do that. In fact, you would need to find out the exact time when JAMB requests such verification. Hence, you may not know when to update the school of your application. It's best to leave things to the management and let them do their work.


The verification of DE certificates by JAMB is a crucial step in the admission process that has been implemented since 2023. As an applicant, your responsibility is primarily to provide the necessary documents, such as your certificate or statement of results, during your DE application. 

The verification process itself is handled by JAMB in coordination with your previous institution. Your school needs to respond to JAMB's verification request, as failure to do so could result in the denial of admission. While this process may seem new and daunting, it is ultimately aimed at ensuring the authenticity and legitimacy of applicants' academic records.

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