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JAMB: "No Record Found" Complaint and Solution

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While some students are trying to get their profile codes for the JAMB, they encounter the complaint "No Record Found." This issue is common among those obtaining their codes for the first time, meaning those who have not taken JAMB before.

If you find yourself in this situation, it can be truly frustrating because without your record accessed on the NIMC database, you can't generate the profile code, and without it, you can't buy a JAMB PIN or register for JAMB.

Now, let me guide you on what to do if you encounter this issue.

First, What JAMB Recommends You Do

When a student with "No Record Found" contacted JAMB, he narrated his ordeal below.

What does a candidate do when the response says, "No record found," and the said candidate goes ahead with the subsequent instruction of sending a mail? It's been more than the said 4 hours, and there's been no response, neither has the candidate received their profile code.

JAMB straightforwardly advised him to go to the NIMC office for NIN validation.

Such a candidate should visit the NIMC office for NIN validation.

Apparently, what JAMB suggests you do to ensure you have your NIN validation. To do that, visit the NIMC office and inform them that you've come to do NIN validation. That process will update your data in the NIMC database. Afterward, resend the SMS, and you should get your profile code.

Second, My Troubleshooting Tips

Of course, if you read the entire SMS you received after sending your NIN to 55019/66019, you'll notice a direct instruction to follow apart from the one given by JAMB above.

A typical SMS reads as follows:

No record found. Send an email with NIN and Name to [email protected]. Then, try again in 4 hours.

NOTE: For your own year, it may read 2025, 2026, 2027, as the case may be.

I would suggest trying this before going to the NIMC to lodge your complaint and for validation. As such, try sending an email with the subject "No Record Found Complaint."

In the body of the message, don't narrate any story. Just send:

NIN: xxxxxxxxxxx
NAME: xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx

Send the message and wait. Don't rely on the 4-hour timeframe. It may take more than 24 hours before they can attend to your case, as there is always a long queue of students with similar complaints. So, give it about three working days before retrying.

As a bonus, you can also copy the same email to the NIMC customer email: [email protected]

If after a day or two you retry but still get the same "No record found" message, consider validation at any available NIMC office.

Takeaway Points

  1. JAMB recommends visiting the NIMC office for NIN validation to rectify the problem.
  2. Candidates should inform NIMC officials about the need for NIN validation to update their data in the NIMC database.
  3. Alternatively, candidates can follow the troubleshooting tip of sending an email with NIN and Name to nimc-jambyear@nimc.gov.ng and await a response, before resorting to NIMC office visits.
  4. Persistence may be necessary as response times can exceed the initially advised 4-hour window due to a high volume of similar complaints.
  5. In cases of persistent issues, considering NIN validation at any available NIMC office is advised as a fallback option.

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