Is It Possible to Buy an HND/BSC Certificate? -

Is It Possible to Buy an HND/BSC Certificate?

After all, everything has its price tag. What if you don't want to go to school, at all, and still want a certificate that you've been to school and graduated?

That was the question he asked. The poor guy must have heard or read something. He wanted to know plainly, "if there was any disadvantage to buying results or certificates from a university or polytechnic"

Hearing this, I was quick to assume he might have gotten it from the news that some people bought certificates 0r some hearsay, especially in the political arena. How is that possible and if possible, is there any disadvantage to it if you won't let the cat out of the bag?

My immediate findings show that some students are finding answers to the following too.

  • Is it possible to buy HND/BSC certificates online
  • Is it possible to buy HND/BSC certificates in Nigeria

In this post, I will be sharing my interaction with the guy who chatted with me. If you're for the same answer, chances are you'll be satisfied with your findings too.

What is Your Definition of Buying Certificates?

Do you mean to go to the school after being properly admitted and run through classes for the required number of years but later buy your way to get a better grade or result that you don't academically deserve?

Or do you mean to give some money to a school management or an officer who will issue you a certificate (BSC, HND, ND, NCE, etc.) without being admitted or attending the school at all? 

As you can see, that are two scenarios:

  1. Gain admission, go to the school, fail but buy better results.
  2. No admission, no going to the school but buy result

Well, let's take this one by one.

1. It's Possible to Buy Your Way to Better Grades in Schools

Even though I'm not an advocate of this, in any part of the world, there is hearsay about students, who after failing, still get passed after buying their lecturers. One of the confirmed cases was at the University of Lagos.

There are equally unconfirmed cases of students who get lower grades but were given higher grades because they paid for them.

Buying certificates or results, in this case, is not legitimate. You're (especially if initiated that) a criminal together with a lecturer or officials (if compromised) involved. 

Hence, it's nothing to be sure you'll be able to achieve especially if your lecturers are disciplined and are not corrupt.

2. Buying a Certificate Without Attending a School is Almost Impossible

Contrary to what you might have read or heard, except where officially established, this kind of cases is nearly zero. A school that doesn't have your record as a student, at all, will not in any way be able to sell you a certificate.

As you must have thought, you're not offered admission, you didn't spend the number of years required in school - nothing at all, yet you want to buy a certificate from such a school, will that end well?

Apart from the fact that this might be impossible, should you propose it, if you're taken up, you can spend the rest of your life in jail if you're handed over to the law enforcement bodies.

Of course, if you're still powerful enough to buy your way in and out with such a certificate given, you should know that you're just carrying a fake certificate. Sooner or later, you'll be caught, and with the school not having your record of admission and attendance, no one will be there to defend you.

JAMB Admission Involvement Might Catch Up With You

With the way the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is conducting its activities and relationship with schools in Nigeria, it's becoming nearly impossible to walk into a school and buy a certificate.

Even if the school management or a corrupt staff agrees to sell you its certificate without being admitted or in attendance, JAMB is a gatekeeper. The board now oversees the admission activities in Nigeria. 

Very recently, the board stopped all schools from selling forms to aspiring students - taking over that role. The board had been, before that announcement, regularizing all forms of admissions.

All students must pass through JAMB. Whether you're seeking admission into a full-time or part-time course, the board has decks you must pass through. 

Hence, any admission offered, without JAMB intervention, is already fake. That's why the board has warned the public to accept admission that doesn't involve it.

As you can see, no school will have your backing for this buying of certificate. Even if you can buy the management, will still be able to buy JAMB?

In fact, when going for NYSC, a JAMB registration number is required for all students. Unfortunately, NYSC will collect each mobilized graduate's JAMB registration number from the board directly - not from candidates or schools. With this, you are stuck!


It's imaginable to seek the best result or certificate even when you're not academically qualified. Even though that's possible, it's criminal and can hurt and bring you down in the future.

Trying to get a certificate even though you didn't attend any university or polytechnic is not likely to happen. Being able to have a certificate will involve JAMB and the school. And it's unlikely you can buy your way through the two parties.

At this juncture, although there are stories of people who have done this in the past. When did we hear of their stories if the cat was not later let out of the bags? This simply means, that whatever happened to them will happen to you too.

It's equally important to know that most were able to achieve that, back then, because technology has not gotten to this level. With all systems being linked together and security getting better, you're mostly out of luck in your attempt.

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