Is It Necessary to Rewrite WAEC If I Have D7 or E8? -

Is It Necessary to Rewrite WAEC If I Have D7 or E8?

As soon as WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB releases results, a few questions will pop up. One such is if it's necessary to rewrite or resit for a subject if you have D7 or E8 in it.

Apparently, everybody agrees that F9 is bad. However, since D7 and E8 are still good grades being "pass" and in some cases are still being accepted by some schools and for some courses, do you still need to rewrite it?

Well in this post, I want to explain this to you so as for you to decide if it's necessary to retake a paper with D7 or E8 in your SSCE.

The D7 and E8 Conundrum: Pass or Not Pass?

First off, let's clear the air. While F9 is the universally recognized signal of "uh-oh," D7 and E8 are technically passing grades.

But hold up, before you decide to throw that celebration party, consider this: different institutions and programs have different grade requirements for admission.

Some might demand a specific grade in a certain subject as a ticket to the admission party.

Let's look into a few factors that may call for you to sit again for a subject you got D7 or E8 in.

1. Opening Doors to Your Dream Institution or Program

Picture this: you've set your sights on a particular university, college, or program that you've been dreaming about day and night. But wait, they want a minimum grade of C6 in Mathematics, and you've got a D7? 

Well, in this case, a rewrite might be your golden ticket to your dream destination.

Some doors swing open only when you meet their specific grade prerequisites.

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2. Future Career Prospects

It's not just about getting through the school gate; it's about what happens after you walk out with that certificate in hand.

Keep in mind that certain job positions might consider your O'level results, even years down the line.

A "pass" in a crucial subject might not shine as brightly on your resume as you'd hope. So, if you're eyeing a job that demands a higher grade, it's wise to consider a retake.

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3. Personal Growth and Improvement

Ah, the journey of self-improvement. If you're aching to show the world that you're not one to back down from a challenge, retaking that subject can be a powerful move.

With more preparation, studying, and dedication, you might just boost your grades and showcase your determination to rise above obstacles.

4. Flexibility in Your Dream Course

Now, here's an interesting twist. If the thought of retaking an exam gives you a headache, don't worry, there's a silver lining. 

You could explore other educational paths, vocational training, or career options that don't hinge on specific grades.

Sometimes, changing your dream course can open up a whole new world of exciting possibilities.

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In the End, It's Your Call

Ultimately, the decision rests in your capable hands. Your journey is unique, and what's right for someone else might not be right for you.

Consider your aspirations, the requirements of the institutions and programs you're aiming for, your career ambitions, and your personal growth goals.

Whether you choose to retake a subject with a D7 or E8 or take an alternative route, remember that education is a lifelong journey, and your potential knows no bounds. Embrace every challenge, for each one is a stepping stone towards your brighter future.

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  1. I scored D7 in English can I still make use of the result


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