Can I Get JAMB Special Centre or Cheat in UTME? - School Contents

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Can I Get JAMB Special Centre or Cheat in UTME?

Cheating in exams, even though not recommended, is possible across the world. No matter the nature of the exams, candidates will forever be looking for means to game and beat the system.

However, it's easy to conclude that cheating on one exam will be more possible than on the other. In a paper and pen exam, you should be more confident that you can cheat and go scot-free than if you're facing a computer-based test.

This is the brain behind asking if it's possible to cheat in JAMB UTME. Being a CBT, you may want to know if you can cheat here and go scot-free or if it's possible to game the system in any way.

In this post, I will be sharing some experiences about cheating in UTME. This will help to know what is possible or otherwise.

JAMB Introduced CBT To Stop Cheating in UTME

Cheating in UTME is one of the problems the board intended to solve when it introduced CBT in 2010. The board has witnessed endless cheating among admission seekers, in recent years, before resolving to stop or at least, reduce cheating using the computer-based test.

Following the traditional means of cheating, such as taking answers to the exam hall, getting SMS messages to cheat, etc. won't work in the JAMB UTME.

For one reason, papers, mobile phones, or anything that can help you in bringing in answers is strictly not allowed in UTME. For the other, even if you manage your way in, the system won't give you questions in the same numbering as the answers you had come in with.

UTME system is designed in a way that, even though students will do the same set of questions, the numbering will be different. For example, Mr. A's question 5 may be Mr. B's question 15.

In this case, if you get answers to questions in any way, how can you possibly say if you're having the corresponding answers to the questions set for you?

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JAMB Puts Mechanisms To Discourage and Caught You Cheating

JAMB will endlessly be sabotaging all efforts by candidates to cheat in its exams. Even if it's possible to still cheat, you'll always be wounded by the board, using all possible traps.

Among these mediums to get rid of miracle centers and candidates running after them is the establishment of rouge centers by the board.

According to JAMB

to catch a rogue you may need to pretend that you are one too. Despite all the efforts we have made to prevent the operation of what people call miracle centers, some people are still thinking they could circumvent the system. Those who come to the rogue centers to register, no matter how much they pay, the candidates stand disqualified from the examination

JAMB was quoted to have confirmed that it has found out that the headquarters of those operating such rogue centers is in Igarra, Edo State which the board affirmed it was already clamping down on them.

There is no doubt that the board must have unearthed more centers not publicly made known for confidential reasons.

With this kind of system put in place, including the installation of CCTV cameras at strategic places in every CBT center, the board reported that out of over 1.9 million candidates who sat for its examinations between March 14 and April 4, 2020, it was able to establish prima facie cases against 195 candidates for examination misconduct.

Accordingly, 89 candidates were caught for examination by proxy, 32 candidates for smuggling mobile phones and devices into the examination hall, 26 candidates were caught for convenience to cheat, and 24 candidates for attempting to cheat.

Another 9 listed for unruly behavior, 7 candidates were found to have carried out double registrations, 4 candidates tampered with their examination document, three candidates were caught for forceful entrance while 1 candidate was found to have faked vital documents.


There is no doubt that candidates will be making continual efforts to be gaming and beating the board's system. Yet, the board won't be relenting in its effort to catch the perpetrators and punish them accordingly.

Such punishment is not only limited to not realizing or canceling of the affected candidates' results, the board had recently handed over candidates to regulatory authorities including the police and EFCC.

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