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Monday, June 17, 2019

Can A School Take Away Your Diploma After Giving It To You? See Answer

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This question is not new. Students and graduates want to know if they have escaped from colleges after being awarded their degree certificate.

Some guys had argued this before calling me to know which is which. Can a university, polytechnic or college of education can take back or withdraw his certificate after graduation.

Well, the answer to this is in simple word “YES”.

A real-life story Where CertiticateWas Withdrewa After Graduation

When I was in polytechnic, a lady was involved in exams malpractice.

The lady was well known for being below an average student.

The lecturer was surprised to see her wonderful performance in the final exams. Hence, the poor man insisted on investigating the case.

She confessed to cheating at the end.

Who helped her?

No one intentionally!

During the examination, the class scholar (the most brilliant student of the set) had almost completed his paper when he changed his mind on what he had put down. He believed he could give better answers than he had. He finally threw away the papers and started on a new answer booklet.

The lady, in this case, found a way to take what the scholar threw away and copied that for herself.

The most surprising thing was that the confession happened two years after Mr. Scholar has graduated.

He was already working at a bank.

He was called back to face a panel. He was accused of being negligent with his thrown-way paper that led to malpractice.

Consequently, his paper was canceled and the certificate was withdrawn.

It's the school's law, that once you're caught in the act of malpractice, you’re going home.

A few cases had been reported too.

In short, your certificate can be withdrawn after graduation.

And if you think my school's policy may be stricter, you're wrong. I'm yet to be aware of a university, polytechnic or college that will pat you on the back for exams malpractice.  If the stand is to withdraw your certificate a particular case, you won't escape that.

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