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Names On NYSC Portal and Result Different? Solution!

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NYSC has been taking the difference in the prospective corps members (PCMs)' names on the portal and the one on the statement of results very seriously since the 2021 Batch A mobilization.

This is similar to the recent action by the corps warning and taking seriously the date of graduation on the NYSC portal and that on the statement of results.

NYSC is trying to prevent or stop sharp practices among the corners. Hence, there is also a need to ensure names on the statement of results brought to camp are exactly the same sent to the corps by the producing universities and polytechnics.

In this post, I will be showing you the firm position of the corps if your name has any disagreement, and also what to do to avoid problems.

The Name on The NSYC Portal Should Be the Same As On the Statement of Result

When you start your NYSC mobilization registration, the first stage of the application will require you to supply your JAMB registration number and matric number.

Entering these two will automatically reload your page and bring out some information as sent by your school, in its senate list, to the corps.

Instead of three names, only two were sent for the PCM above

This is the stage to know if the name sent to NYSC is different from what you have on your statement of result. This means the names uploaded on the NYSC portal by the Student Affairs Officer (SAO) emanate from the Senate/Academic Board results from the institutions.

If you can't take note here, you will see it as the first item on the main form. 

Unfortunately, you can't correct things here yourself. The corps allows you to fill out a basic form for the disarrangement of names or spelling mistakes but you won't have access to that form until you've submitted your mobilization registration.

However, for any major correction such as replacement of name, adding or removing names, the corps won't allow that on its portal but rather directly for the school (more on this in the next section).

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Here Is The Fate Of Corpers With Name Differences 

According to National Youth Service Corps (NYSC),

  1. Their names on the portal must be the same as the name on the Statement of Result from their Institutions.
  2. In order to curb observed sharp practices, the NYSC will no longer allow the addition and removal of names on the online portal. However, name re-arrangement and correction of minor spelling mistakes are still allowed on the NYSC portal during the registration period through PCMs/Corps Members online dashboard.
  3. Registration at the Orientation Camps will be denied if the name on the Call-up Letter is different from that on the Statement of Result. 
  4. Do not bother going to the Orientation Camp if there is a name discrepancy.

For Arrangement or Spelling Mistakes, Continue With Your Registration

If you see any spelling or arrangement error on your NYSC portal at the first stage as mentioned earlier, continue with your registration. And if you don't see the error until you're filling out the main form, continue with the registration also. You can correct this type of error after submission and by yourself.

After completing the online registration, submit. Then, log in again and locate the "Apply for Correction/Rearrangement of Name" link on your dashboard. The corps gives a link to open a basic form that you will fill out to correct such errors.

Although the corps will contact your school's Student Affairs Officer (SAO) to verify this claim before that will be corrected on your NYSC portal. 

After the verification and correction, you should be checking your dashboard for the reflection of the correction. If you should reprint your green card or call-up letter, you will have the corrected names this time.

For Omission or Addition of Names, Stop Your Registration

If during registration, you observe that you will need to add or remove any name, you are advised to suspend registration until you resolve the discrepancy issue with your institution. 

The option to remove names added in error or added by mistake has been removed and discontinued on the corp's portal. You'll need to get back to your school and report this discrepancy.

Official statement on this

The Student Affairs Officer (SAO) will send a letter or updated senate list to the corps to help you with this kind of mixup.

The corps, after receiving the notice, will correct the error on its portal so you can continue with your registration.

There will be a need to revisit the registration stage to see if the correction has been effected to know when to resume where you stopped.

Trying to Correct Names After the Registration?

As you must have noticed all through the details above. If it's just an arrangement or spelling error, even after completing and submitting your NYSC form, you can still correct things so that on your discharge certificate, things will come out as expected.

In this case, even while serving, you can just visit your NYSC portal and click on "Apply for Correction/Rearrangement of Name". The link has been noticed to remain active until after you're discharged. Then, you can fill out the form.

For the replacement of names, addition, or removal, you may be out of luck if you've submitted your registration or you're already serving.

The corps won't help you contact your school at this time for a backup letter confirming the proposed adjustment. And if you contact the school, yourself, it's ready late as the corps will not be expecting or accepting any letter for such at that stage.


Apparently, NYSC will not tolerate differences in the names on its portal, as sent through the senate lists, and the names on the statement of results presented at the orientation camps.

In order not to be guilty of sending you off the camp, the corps has given you options to file for the corrections of names on its portal though only for spelling and arrangement errors.

Any other errors will have to keep you waiting at the point of the registration until you can reach out to your school and the latter reaches out to NYSC.

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