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UTME to DE Conversion Not Going: Why/Solution!

The process of converting UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) applications to DE (Direct Entry) applications is a common practice for admission seekers each year.

After the release of JAMB UTME results, candidates are given the opportunity to upgrade their applications from UTME to DE by relinquishing their former status.

However, this procedure has raised some concerns among candidates. Many seek clarity on the exact commencement of UTME to DE upgrading, subsequent steps, and whether they can still make changes to their chosen institutions and courses. 

This post will address the issues encountered when attempting to submit the UTME to DE conversion application and provide solutions for such situations.

The Challenge: Submission Hurdles

1. Awaiting Results Dilemma

During UTME registration, certain candidates opt for "awaiting results." While this is an accepted practice, it can cause delays when attempting to convert from UTME to DE. Recently, DE applications were not open to candidates awaiting ND, NCE, IJMB, or JUPEB results. Only UTME candidates were permitted to utilize this status.

If you initially used the "awaiting results" status for your UTME application but now wish to convert to DE (which does not accept "awaiting results"), you will encounter an impasse. Similarly, during the upgrading application, be sure your A'level result is not waiting too, and let that be uploaded.

To overcome this, you must update your O'level and A'level results from "AR" (Awaiting Results) to actual results before your UTME portal will enable you to transition to the DE portal. Follow the steps in this post to upload your results. As a matter of fact, the JAMB office attendant can equally upload both for you.

RecommendedStarting/Closing Date for UTME to DE Conversion

2. Temporary Technical Issues

Like any online platform, the JAMB portal can experience temporary technical glitches. Some of these issues have been addressed with solutions provided in this blog. When encountering a technical hiccup, candidates typically need to exercise patience and revisit the portal once the problem has been resolved.

Despite concerns about unsuccessful submissions, the technical support team at JAMB is actively addressing backend issues. Rest assured, they will resolve the matter promptly. However, exact timelines can be difficult to predict.

In the interim, avoid undue worry and heed any instructions to return to the JAMB office for a retry. Success might be on your side during the next attempt.

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Ensuring Your UTME to DE Upgrade Submission Success

Candidates often worry about the closing date of the conversion application. Fortunately, the application process does not follow a uniform closure across all universities. Similar to the flexibility observed during changes to institutions and courses, the UTME to DE upgrade closing dates vary based on universities.

It's crucial to confirm whether your intended university's post-DE form is currently available or still open for applicants. As long as the form remains accessible or not yet closed, your upgrade to that particular university will remain effective when eventually processed.

If your desired school's post-DE form eventually closes, consider converting to a university with an open or ongoing application. Thankfully, not all post-UTME forms of various schools will close simultaneously, with some allowing for options beyond the immediate admission year.

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Facing difficulties in submitting your filled UTME to DE conversion form at the JAMB office is likely related to your use of the "awaiting results" status for your initial UTME and proposed DE application. Carefully review this aspect. 

If that is not the root cause, make sure to revisit the JAMB office for another attempt, as the issue could be a temporary technical glitch. Solutions are available, and with diligence and patience, you can overcome these challenges to successfully transition from UTME to DE and secure your academic journey.

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