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3 Methods To Contact JAMB For Result Issues & More

In its bid to ensure transparency and justice in its exam scoring and marking system, JAMB has been so open-minded and handed.

Don't forget, I've covered how to call for the remarking of your JAMB UTME if you suspect your score was no match for what you wrote. Lately, there are people suspecting that JAMB officials might be manipulating students' scores too.

For example, a complaint surfaced on the JAMB official Twitter page where one, Egwuatu Uchenna observed the following.

There are several tales of the manipulation of candidates' results by some unscrupulous elements in your organization. Most of the victims don't know where to go for justice.

As he'd rightly said, if you didn't know how to seek justice or, in my own words, an official investigation, you may be left more confused than ever.

So how do go about it if you notice something was not okay with the results given to you by JAMB? What if you noticed a sudden drop in your score? or anything of that nature?

1. Visit SERVICOM Desk at Any JAMB Office

First, make sure you have the necessary proof of the manipulation or rated acts.

  1. Then, visit SERVICOM Desk at any JAMB office
  2. Table your complaint and back it up with the available proof
  3. SERVICOM will take up the complaint and register it with the National Headquarters
  4. After a look into the matter, you'll be contacted directly by JAMB for what actually happened or possible resolution

2. Raise a Support Ticket To Contact JAMB 

JAMB has provided an online platform to lodge complaints of this nature. With your proof scanned or snap contact JAMB through this online form and attach the proof.

  1. Visit https://www.jamb.gov.ng/support
  2. Click on "Create Support Ticket"
  3. When you see the prompt "If you are a candidate with a JAMB registration number please click "Yes". Else click "NO"", click YES 
  4. A form will open, supplying your JAMB Registration Number. Under "Nature of Complaint, "take "General Enquiry/Complaint". For the "Select a Topic", take "Others". For the "Subject", write the nature of your coomplaint
  5. At the "Message", explain what happened.
  6. Next, attach proof of the complaint and send it.
  7. You'll receive two SMS after this. First, immediately, to let you know that they've received your complaint. The second is to feed you back on the resolution of your complaint.

3. Contact JAMB Headquarters on Phone

To contact JAMB on the phone for any complaint, call 08166335513; or 08123658955. These two helplines lead to the board's Headquarters.

However, these JAMB helplines will only be available during the working days and hours i.e. Monday to Friday and 8am to 4pm.


Contacting JAMB for any observed concern especially pertaining to result manipulation for the board's end has never been this easier. If you have proof that something was fishing somewhere, you can contact the JAMB branch office, headquarters, support link, and phone.

Wishing you the best!

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