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Will UNILAG Aspirants Write Post UTME or Screening?

Asking this question shows that you already knew that there were three possible methods schools were using to admit their aspirants. Namely,

  1. Post UTME (i.e. writing of entrance exams)
  2. Online screening (only involves filling out the online forms without exams)
  3. Physical screening (involves both the filling of online forms and appearance for physical checking of aspirants' credentials)

But you're not sure if the University of Lagos (UNILAG) will write post-UTME or consider any of the other two methods.

In this post, I will answer your concerns and shed more light on related matters.

UNILAG Will Regularly Write Post-UTME Except...

As of the time of writing this post, the University of Lagos (UNILAG) is one of the universities that will insist their aspirants must write post-UTME before being offered spaces.

The university, however, will adopt the "screening" method if there is any need to do that. A few reasons they would go for the screening, from past experience, include pandemics (such as COVID-19), social unrest (such as EndSARS), and elongated industrial protests (such as the ASUU strike).

For example, very recently, specifically in the 2022/2023 admission exercise, the university went for the screening method instead of their die-hard method,  "the computer-based entrance exam".

When the university resolves to the screening, it adopts the online screening method only where candidates are offered admission after being graded with their UTME scores and points assigned to their O'level subjects/grades.

The Processes to Expect in the UNILAG Post-UTME/Screening and Admission

Irrespective of the method resolves to, below is what to expect of the university's admission process.

  1. The university will announce and sell its post-UTME/screening form on the official admission portal.
  2. Aspirants are expected to obtain the form strictly on this portal by paying for it and filling out the O'level results and JAMB-related information (even though JAMB scores must have been obtained by the university from JAMB)
  3. After submitting the online application, you're to print the acknowledgment slip of the application and Exam Pass (if there will be an exam)
  4. If post-UTME, you'll be present on campus at a scheduled date (in some past years and for 2023/2024, candidates were scheduled for in-house online tests, which you can do in your own room or a café)
  5. After the exams, the results will be released for checking and printing a few days later.
  6. The university will grade its aspirants with O'level results, JAMB scores, and post-UTME scores. Where it's screening only, they will be graded with just the O'level and UTME scores.
  7. It's based on this that each department will draw its cut-off marks to admit students. Once the cut-off marks are released, you'll know if you'll be lucky in the list or otherwise.
  8. Sometimes, the university would announce that candidates who failed to meet the cut-off marks of their proposed courses could change to a list of courses to be announced, if interested. Here, you could visit the nearest CBT center and make the changes on the JAMB portal before the university would be releasing its admission lists.
  9. Similarly, the university may transfer candidates to other departments with vacancies. If you want, you will have to accept that transfer through the JAMB transfer approval link (on the JAMB CAPS) and make the change to the new course at a CBT center before you can expect to be admitted eventually.
  10. With time, the university will release its admission lists through the JAMB portal. That's why you will need to be following admission updates on the CAPS. When offered, accept it, and print the JAMB admission letter.
  11. After that, the school will release its lists on the official admission portal too. You'll accept this too, and pay the acceptance fee and other required fees before proceeding to the campus for freshers' documentation and physical screening
  12. If you make it on the list and to this stage, congratulations!

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