After JAMB UTME/DE Registration, What Next? -

After JAMB UTME/DE Registration, What Next?

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It may be obvious sometimes to ask what are the next things after registering for UTME/DE.

Candidates may want to know what should be the next activities after they're certain they've done their JAMB registrations. Here is How to Know If Your JAMB Registration Was Done Well?

And of course, registering for JAMB is one thing, but the activities that follow are as well important.

This post will be showing you what should be the next activities after registering for JAMB and take you through - to the time of gaining admission eventually.

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What to Expect After Registering Your JAMB UTME/DE

Below is the list of after-JAMB registration activities every applicant should be set for.

1. Preparation for and Writing of Mock

If you'd shown interest in participating in JAMB Mock during the JAMB registration and before the Mock registration deadline, you should be on the lookout for the date for your mock.

JAMB might have announced a particular date for the mock before now. Yet, it's not uncommon for the board to postpone the date.

In the same vein, just as it's important for you to prepare for the main exams, you have to prepare for the mock too. Your performance here may not mean anything significant for the UTME performance (as the score is never added to UTME). 

Yet, it's the right basis to measure how well you've read and it may give you hope for the main exam.

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2. Follow Up Changes in the Exam Schedule

As noted earlier, JAMB usually changes dates - postponing the mock or the main exam. Candidates should follow up on the schedules for the JAMB activities

The board has already listed how things would go. You may throw yourself into confusion if you'd committed to one date and later someone told you a new date had been chosen.

Hence, you should be following JAMB updates yourself to be sure. One of the right channels is the board's Twitter page and its bulleting.

Candidates can equally be following the right blogs such as for regular updates.

And most recently; radio, TV, and newspapers are showing more interest in the JAMB news. Your favorite channels may help you with updates too.

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3. Preparation for the Main Exam

As already noted, after the JAMB registration, candidates must be set for exams. 

The preparation for UTME is far more important as that will determine if you'll be confident to partake in the subsequent activities after the results.

In order to help, I've written a few guides. linked below, for your resources.

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4. Writing the JAMB UTME

You've prepared and here comes the exam.

JAMB will invite you for the exams. A few days before the papers, the board will announce that candidates should be reprinting their exam slips or schedules. It's through this that you will know your exam date, time, and venue.

In case, you don't know, JAMB UTME doesn't hold the same day for all candidates. The board may conduct the exams for about a week or more. Thereby, while some may write their exams on Monday, some will be on Tuesday and so on.

It's important to know that the UTME is a computer-based test. However, Direct entry applicants are not expected to write UTME.

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5. Printing the JAMB Results

Needless to say, after exams come the results

JAMB is likely to release results a few days after your papers. In the past, have seen the board releasing results two or three days after the exams. We've equally seen the board delaying it for a month or thereabout.

Whichever, be ready to print your results for record purposes and in preparation for the post UTME/screening registration.

In light of this, the following posts will help you with after-result concerns.

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As you're done registering your JAMB UTME/DE, above is the list of activities to follow. 

And below is the list of other activities that will follow the release of the JAMB results

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  1. Please when is this jamb exam starting and what else should I do now that I have collected the print out
    What is the next step

    1. For the JAMB time-table, read the post below.

      For what do after UTME registration and the printout, read the post below.

  2. I've applied for DE,is it necessary to apply for UTME again?

    1. Yes, it is. Read the post below for clarification.

  3. I did UTME and later converted it to DE.
    Pls I want to ask after the conversion is there anything I need to do again in other to get admission from the school I apply for?


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