How to Gain Admission into ALL Schools of Nursing in Nigeria -
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How to Gain Admission into ALL Schools of Nursing in Nigeria

School of nursing admissions can be sometimes frustrating. Most past applicants and current students can bear witness to that.

And if you're hearing about schools and colleges of nursing for the first time and you want to be on their next admission list, there are a few things you must know.

With all steps, clues, tweaks, and tricks to be shared in this post, you stand a better chance to gain admission into any school or college of Nursing in Nigeria than candidates who are not aware of what it takes to succeed at the game.

In this post, we shall be looking into the areas below and more.

  1. How to get admission into schools of nursing without the prerequisites
  2. Requirements to get admission into schools of nursing
  3. How to apply for school of nursing in Nigeria
  4. Nursing school of nursing application deadlines for the year
  5. High school requirements for schools and colleges of nursing
  6. When to apply to schools of nursing

Let's discuss these and more in detail.

1. O'level Results Are The Primary Requirements For Schools of Nursing Admissions

Unlike admission into universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education which will require JAMB alongside the O'level results, schools or colleges of Nursing admission requires only the SSCE results e.g. WAEC, NECO, GCE, or NABTEB.

However, for a few polytechnics and colleges of Nursing that are offering ND/HND in Nursing, you will need to obtain the JAMB UTME form, sit for that, pass, meet the national cut-off mark, or cut-off mark drawn by the school before you can process their admissions

As such, such a school of nursing must be your choice in the UTME. And if you've not done that during the UTME registration, you can still change institutions. 

Whereas, stating the O'level result as a prerequisite doesn't necessarily mean you should credits, at least, in the 9 or 8 subjects. Subjects required in your results are simply 5 i.e. English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. You can make the 5 subjects in just one WAEC, NECO, GCE, or NABTEB. The subjects can also be produced from two sittings of the same or different exams.

And of course, the least grade you can have from these five subjects is C6. Although, you may have an edge over candidates with lower grades if you should fill up your five subjects with As and Bs. However, having no As and Bs should not be a problem to gain admission into schools of Nursing. At least credits are ok!

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2. Other Underrated Prerequisites for Schools of Nursing Admissions

Having established that you don't need more than SSCE results, (and UTME in very rear cases), to gain admission here, there are a few underrated requirements that you should be aware of.

1. Age Can Be a Concern for Prospective Schools of Nursing Applicants

Generally, the required minimum age for admission into the school of nursing is 16 according to the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN). However, a few colleges will insist on certain ages other than this generally declared by NMCN. 

In my post, "What is the Age Limit for the Schools of Nursing", I have dedicated resources to listing and separating schools and colleges of Nursing that are accepting 16 years, those that are accepting more, and those who are silent about the age range.

The main focus as for the age requirements of the school of Nursing is that prospective candidates must read the adverts of their proposed school of Nursing to know the age required. You can see the advert of each of the top schools of nursing before you proceed.

Meanwhile, very many schools of Nursing don't have maximum age or age limit.

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2. Pregnancy is Generally Not Accepted Before Being Admitted

Being married is not a problem while seeking admissions into schools and colleges of nursing, pregnancy is. Schools of Nursing will not accept applicants who, at the point of application, screening, or admission, are carrying fetuses. 

However, if by mistake or design, you're impregnated after being admitted or during the programme, the school of Nursing and Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria have special provisions for you. You will be allowed to complete your course but on a repeat of the class except you follow normal protocol, as detailed in the post linked above.

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3. No Limitation to Male and Female Applicants

Having answered a question about this in my post, "Can a Man Be a Nurse or a Woman Doctor in Nigeria?", I can reemphasize here that it doesn't matter whether you're a girl or a boy, you have an equal chance of being admitted by the school or college of nursing.

Although some schools may have preferences for more females than males, that doesn't mean they won't admit male applicants if they meet the requirements.

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Procedures of Application and Admission into Schools of Nursing

Having established a few prerequisites, let's dive into the step-by-step guide to seeking and gaining admissions into schools and colleges of Nursing in Nigeria.

1. Obtain the Entrance Form

In order to start a school of Nursing admission process, your first step is to obtain the proposed school's admission form. There is no specific or general date for all the schools to start selling their forms or end the sales. In most cases, starting from March till around August, every year, application forms will still be on.

In order words, individual schools of Nursing will sell their forms within these months. It's you who must be following their updates to see who and who open applications within that period.

However, if the proposed school of Nursing is offering ND/HND in Nursing, unlike those offering Registered Nursing (RN), you will be required to obtain the year's JAMB form, even if you don't choose the school in your JAMB choices of institutions.

For the schools and colleges of Nursing asking for UTME, the evidence showing that you obtained UTME, wrote it, and scored considerably high to meet cut-off marks, eventually decided, are all requirements.

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Usually, all the schools of nursing will have dedicated websites through which prospective applicants can buy/obtain their forms. 

Here, be sure you're dealing with their official websites to avoid being scammed by fraudsters hanging around on online forums, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram groups. Use the service of a professional and trusted café around you.

The application fee is usually made through their websites using online payment platforms. Don't pay to an agent or into an individual account.

While filling out the online form, you will need to supply all your bio-data, educational details, and O'level subjects and grades.

After the submission, there should be a printout containing your application number and sometimes the exam date (if they won't ask you to print that later).

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2. Prepare For and Attend the Entrance Exams

Hardly will you have a school of nursing that will admit students without entrance exams - be it paper-and-pencil e.g. School of Nursing Asubiaro Osogbo or Computer-based test e.g. School of Nursing, Ido Ekiti.

You will need to prepare yourself for exams. Of course, your questions are generally expected to be objectives here rather than theory. Questions are usually set in English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Sometimes, you should expect general papers on health-related affairs. For example, the Osun State School of Nursing, Asubiaro, Osogbo past questions and answers contain the 5 subjects together with general papers.

Your exam result will be the prerequisite for the next stage of the admission process. For example, some schools will draw 50% or above as the cut-off mark while some will go beyond that.

In all, what matters at this stage is to have the required marks that will promote you to the interview stage or second test stage (e.g. School of Nursing Osogbo usually conducts two sets of entrance exams).


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3. Get Set For and Attend the Interview

Just like the exams, interviews will be conducted by all schools of Nursing before the final list.

Although the nature of the interview is not uniform across all the schools of nursing, you should still expect them to rate you by your dressing, fluency and outspokenness, interactiveness, and ability to answer direct questions on Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and health-related current affairs.

Crossing this stage with success determines if you're going to be offered admission eventually or otherwise.

Some schools treat the interview independently while some grade the interview performance with the test performance to draw the final aggregate score or performance.

In all, once you have the score or point required, you should be on the school's merit list.

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School of Nursing Admission is Beyond Passing the Test and Interview?

Some candidates had talked to me, in the past, about their experiences while seeking admission into some schools of Nursing.

They concluded, after a series of let-downs, that, gaining admissions into schools of Nursing is beyond just having the prerequisites, passing the test, and interviews. They opined that you had to know people.

Is it true that you need "connections" to be admitted to schools of Nursing?

The answer to the question above is YES and NO.

It's NO because, for every school, there will be what is called a merit list. This list will consist of students who had performed exceptionally well in the tests and interviews to meet or beat the required cut-off mark set by the management. These candidates will, without a doubt, be offered admissions.

They will, of course, be admitted based on their performance without knowing the principal, a state governor, a director, a minister, or a commissioner of health.

However, candidates who had performed average may need internal help. This is not only applicable to schools and colleges of Nursing, gaining admission into universities, polytechnics, or colleges of education may require internal help if you're just an average student.

As long as a school of Nursing will release its test and interview scores in other to admit students, there won't be a place to hide for them if they should deny candidates that merit the offers.

However, if the history of a school shows that they're not transparent with their admission processes, they can still deny you if you score 100% in both test and interview. This set of schools of nursing, usually state-owned, can be too hard to win.

Another factor that causes a denial of admissions for most deserved candidates is the quotas being given to schools of Nursing. 

Schools of nursing are limited to accepting no more than 99 students per year. Whereas some don't still have the capacity, talking of the available resources, to admit and train that number.

As a result, they find means to reduce the number of admitted candidates even if they make it. This is why some of them still resolve to the weeding exams to reduce their students even after being admitted.

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I won't be too soft to tell you that gaining admission into schools of nursing is as easy as gaining admission into universities, polytechnics, or colleges of education. Even though it's not easy to gain admission to other institutions as well, the schools of nursing are more difficult to enter. This is the brain behind my post, "Easier Admission Between School of Nursing and University Nursing?"

However, if all is done well with all the prerequisites met, tests and interviews passed, you should be lucky in the end.

I will advise you to do some findings regards the transparency of any proposed school of nursing before you even pick up its form. Knowing a few things about it may guide you on the right approach to its admissions or total avoidance of such a school.

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  1. Does it mean that if I sit for only 1 sitting I won't be given admission

    1. I don't understand your question.

    2. What he mean was that if he sit for the exam once can he be admitted

    3. If you pass to the merit, you will be offered admission, of course.

  2. Sir do I have to go to asunbiaro for the form or ican buy it in any cafe near me

    1. No. You can register with a cafe. I can equally register for you. Contsct me for the regirtration through whatsapp 08065152292

  3. That was a nice write up.
    I have a question sir and and question is I used my neco because my waec wasn't released as at the time I registered for luth. Is it possible for me to change it using my waec result?

    Sir and my second question is, is luth entrance exam difficult or it's just like the normal jamb or school exams we do write.

    1. First, log in to your admission portal to see if you have the option to edit things before the closing date. If the portal allows you to modify your O'level you can change it as you want.

      The answer to question 2, depends on you. If you're good student, you don't have to worry yourself about if the entrance is tougher than JAMB or WAEC. However, things don't change much among all entrance exams in Nigeria.

      Read the post below to get some ideas.

  4. So I don’t know how it’s gonna be for me am an art student I wrote waec that’s an art waec and I wanna change course to science
    That’s nursing
    I know I need to attend a nursing school
    I need someone to someone to assist me through it with what and what I will need to do
    I know I’m gonna rewrite my waec I just need guide line cause I’m doing everything next year
    I just need guideline


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